Will Abuse Scandal at Shambhala International Affect Local Outpost? 

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The Shambhala Center in Eagle Rock is an outpost of Shambhala International, one of the largest Buddhist meditation organizations in the West. Last month, Shambhala International was rocked when its leader, Mipham Rinpoche, took a leave amid allegations that he had sexually abused some women in the organization. The governing council of the organization, headquartered in Canada, resigned en masse after hiring a law firm to investigate the allegations against Rinpoche and other Shambhala teachers.

Press reports on the reactions of Shambhala centers in some U.S. cities described meetings where people, devastated by the allegations, expressed fear and dismay. At one center, a teacher resigned in protest. At another, the photo of Rinpoche was taken down. Some of the Shambhala followers said they were praying for Rinpoche. Others said that his stepping down was a necessary step for healing to begin.

The Boulevard Sentinel contacted the Shambhala Center in Eagle Rock to ask how the center is coping with the allegations.

A spokesperson for the Eagle Rock Shambhala, Sara Apelkvist, referred the paper’s questions to a spokesperson in Canada. It was unclear why a spokesperson in Canada would be able to comment on the reaction in Eagle Rock. In any event, there was no reply.

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