What $3 million+ can buy you in NELA

2022 August Business Editions Featured Real Estate

By Jeffery Marino

In the history of real estate in Northeast Los Angeles, seven homes have sold for more than $3 million. Most of these top-dollar homes are beautifully restored and remodeled examples of classic NELA architecture. But the $3 million-plus home in our slideshow this month — located on Live Oak in Eagle Rock — is new construction. In 2017, the developers paid $735,000 for a quaint 1913 Craftsman bungalow on the site (shown in the slideshow), tore it down and built the three-bedroom, five-bathroom home you see here. In addition to its sprawling 3,500 square feet, distinguishing features include the indoor-outdoor living area and the gorgeous saltwater pool. The home went on the market in June with an asking price of $3.25 million and sold in July for $3.05 million. 

Jeffery is a seasoned data journalist and has covered the California real estate market for over a decade.

Jeffery Marino
Jeffery is a seasoned data journalist and has covered the California real estate market for over a decade.

9 thoughts on “What $3 million+ can buy you in NELA

  1. I used to be excited about the price of homes in Eagle Rock, proud of how far my hometown had come. Now I just shake my head at why anybody would spend that here or in any part of Los Angeles. For the same amount, I can go to Pasadena or South Pasadena, or Glendale and live in neighborhoods that actually treat their residents as just that, residents! No homeless encampments cluttering up the steeets and you can actually go to the store without getting into a fight with a machete wielding mental maniac. Los Angeles is in a sorry state and for the taxes you pay, get the most minimum of services. For three million, other than the home, what do you get ?

    1. Absolutely right, C.D. Three million still buys a very nice house in the other cities you mentioned, where there’s much less homelessness and crime, better schools, and better-staffed police departments.

  2. It is sad because only roughy half a decade ago, I was proud and positive about our community. Excited that we had finally made it as place to relax and live. Now I see small pockets of neighborhood left within the 90041 that maintain that quality of life. I avoid shopping in Eagle Rock as I just do not want the mental health idiot hassle.

        1. Do you ever walk around Colorado Blvd and see and hear the obviously untreated mentally ill people pushing their carts and yelling at nothing or at passersby? Do you see trash in the street and on the sidewalks? Do you see too many empty storefronts? I do. Compare it with Atwater village, for instance: we lose.

  3. Hi there Tim or Tom Topping…I thought you used to write for this paper. Hey I agree with the whole machete example being an exaggeration, but you can deny we have lost a little of our hometown feel. I was born here in this town and love the changes but hate some of the other ones as well….Buy you a beer at Colombo’s the next time I see ya. We locals got to stick together.

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