Wanted: Your Opinion

2018 Editions Editors Notebook June

As part of the Los Angeles River revitalization, a ranger corps is being developed to ensure the public’s safe and enjoyable access to recreation along the river. A survey asks for you to rank your safety concerns on the river – lighting? pollution? crime? etc. – and help define the role of a river ranger. It also asks about your current and potential uses of the river and whether you are interested in employment or volunteer opportunities at the river. The survey sponsors – the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the San Gabriel and Lower L.A. Rivers and Mountains Conservancy and their Joint Powers Authority – need public input to do their best possible job of conserving L.A.’s great outdoors.  Chime in soon: The survey could close as soon as June 10. The survey can be found in English at: surveymonkey.com/r/LARiverRangerOutreach and in Spanish at surveymonkey.com/r/EncuestaRioLA

Starting in 2020, voters in Los Angeles County will be allowed to cast their ballots at any established Voter Center over a multi-day period, rather than be restricted to a single polling place on Election Day. To prepare for the change, election officials are surveying the public on where to locate the Vote Centers. To weigh in, go to the Vote Center Placement Project at vsap.lavote.net/vote-center-placement-project. Scroll down to “suggest a vote center” and use the interactive map to see locations where vote centers are not yet planned.