Eagle Rock seniors Liliana (at left, resident of Reflections) and Salome (Age 97, resident of Tres Lomas) taking home holiday treats from the ERNC's Committee on Aging Neighbors. | Photo by Margaret Irwin.

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Want to know what’s going on in Eagle Rock?

Sylvia Denlinger – ERNC Public Safety Director and Treasurer,

By Sylvia Denlinger

Come to a meeting of the Neighborhood Council and find out! From supporting a liquor license for your favorite pizza place, or fighting against the expansion of a toxic landfill, the Neighborhood Council is where it’s all happening.

Or, you can join in and speak up in an ERNC Committee meeting. Anyone can join a Committee, and once there, you can help organize projects for your favorite local cause. 

There are  five committees in the ERNC: Land Use (which is primarily concerned with developers); Outreach, which publicizes the ERNC; Sustainability, which examines questions arising from the use and disposal of resources; Housing and Homelessness; and the Committee on Aging Neighbors.

We looked at the Land Use and Sustainability Committees in a previous post. Let’s talk about the Committee for Housing and the Homeless, and the Committee on Aging Neighbors in this one.

Helping the poor

Chaired by Victor Sanchez, the Committee for Housing and the Homeless works with the city to combat homelessness. They help renters to find the resources that might keep them housed, or get them re-housed. They also watch over the homeless in the community, and do outreach to gain the trust of people who are often frightened and distrustful.

This committee visits all the unhoused, whether they are camping on the sidewalk or in RVs and cars. By talking to people living on the sidewalks and in their cars, the committee members can find out how LA City homelessness policies are playing out in real life. This expertise is useful when the ERNC has to talk to the city  about homelessness.

Jane Demian, ERNC Homelessness liason, directing her team of 8 volunteers about to deliver food and personal hygiene items to Eagle Rock’s unhoused.

Since March of 2020, the HH committee has used ERNC funds to donate small amounts of food and hygiene products to the roughly 30 people who live on Eagle Rock’s sidewalks. It’s not a lot, but the few extra calories help at a time when all the pantries are closed due to COVID. HH Committee Member Jane Demian is in charge of this project to help the poorest of the poor. She and others have done a massive job organizing, mapping, shopping and packing bags of bare essentials for these poorest of the poor.

The HH Committee also works with CD-14 and non-profits to organize showers and aid for the unhoused.

They are always looking for help and donations. For December,  they have organized a blanket drive. This includes clean warm jackets and hoodies. (The clothes are quarantined before being handed out to the unhoused.)

If you wish to join the committee, or help in their outreach, contact Victor Sanchez at victor.sanchez@ernc.la .

Helping the elderly

Scene from the ERNC sponsored Thanksgiving at Tres Lomas Garden Apartments. Shown here are Margaret Irwin, ERNC Elder Chair on left, with three resident elders taking home their turkey dinner and Natashka Jones (far right), the services coordinator at Tres Lomas. | Photo by Eliot Brody

The Committee on Aging Neighbors, chaired by Margaret Irwin, works on projects benefiting the elderly of Eagle Rock

They have set up a telephone network to reach the elderly, have sent postcards with lists of resources out to seniors, and are trying to contact every senior in Eagle Rock.

They have also organized meals and holiday cheer for the elderly.

The Committee is willing to advocate for seniors, and that includes finding legal or social help for people in need.

If you wish to join the Committee, help on a project, or put them in touch with a senior, please contact Margaret Irwin at margaret.irwin@ernc.la .

If you wish to find out more about Eagle Rock, or the City of LA, getting involved with a Committee is a great way to start. Anyone can come to the meetings, especially since they are on Zoom and you can attend from the comfort of home. Contact the chairperson for a Zoom invitation, or go to www.ernc.la .

ERNC Elections are in April 2021

Of course, you could jump right in and run for a seat on the Board itself! The ERNC is having elections in April, and the sign-ups are happening right now on www.ernc.la . Join the Board and meet your neighbors!


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