Lani Tunzi, dressed up for her walk in layers of mismatch and blasts of color. | Photo by CJ Tunzi

Walk on the Wild Side

2021 Columnists Editions Lani Tunzi March

By Lani Tunzi

If you’re like me and have just about lost every scrap of sanity at this point, you may be looking for another fun thing to occupy your endless time.

I have the perfect idea: Dress a fool and stroll around your neighborhood!

Now before you disregard this idea, hear me out.

With no weddings, no concerts, no parties, heck, not even a proper Halloween, I’ve missed the fun of dressing up — and my inner child has missed the fun of playing dress-up. So I’ve made it part of my regular schedule to customize my person and gallivant around the Eagle Rock streets a few times a week.

I’ve strutted down Hill Drive in gowns, platforms, hair curlers, you name it — and feel instantly revived every time. I’m telling you, this has been my tried and true source of serotonin when I’m tired of the monotony of life.

Who said you need to go anywhere to get fancy?

The pros of dress-up walks are endless: The confidence it brings is invigorating and indulgent. You’re masked, so no one can see who you are and no one can judge you. Even if they do, you can’t make out the critical looks because they’re also masked — and if they’re not, then their opinions don’t matter anyway!

You’ll also avoid — or get out of — a fashion rut: Athleisure wear is so 2020. If you work or learn from home, sweatpants have probably become a second skin — and that’s really not a good message to self.

Another plus is that you reap all the health benefits of a regular walk, but with style.

And exercise aside, there’s no better way to connect with your neighborhood than on foot. I’ve walked these streets my whole life and by now, I could do it with my eyes closed. Yet it never gets old, especially in a stellar outfit. You come to find your own shortcuts and viewpoints, have your favorite houses and front yards and get to stumble across cute Little Free Libraries and sidewalk giveaways.

If you’re still not convinced to take a walk on the wild(er) side, consider this: What other chance will you have to feel like the protagonist in an indie film short? You can even bring along props for added fun. Why not! What are you waiting for?  


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  1. Lani Tunzi-I have watched you grow up here in the Boulevard Sentinel. I always enjoy your writing and really WANT to know what and how you are doing. Your latest dressing up and walking the neighborhood? Brilliant! Conversations will be started, gossip will begin (who IS that masked woman?) and you will, hopefully, be having a fabulously wonderfully great time. Appreciate your perspective on life – keep it up!

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