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Sponsored: Who is running for the ERNC?

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There’s an election coming up to fill 18 seats on the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council. 

Voting will be by mail. You must request a ballot by April 6 and your ballot must be postmarked on or before April 13. 

The ERNC is part of L.A.’s Neighborhood Council system, created under the city charter in 1999 to give neighborhoods a voice in local government. 

Neighborhood councils take positions on local issues — from real estate development to homelessness to traffic — and write letters expressing those positions to elected and appointed city officials. 

Neighborhood councils also allocate an annual budget — $32,000 plus any funds unspent from the prior year — among various local projects and organizations. 

The ERNC has been especially effective in opening lines of communication with local elected officials, police and fire officials, school principals and area nonprofits, providing a forum for them to report on their activities to the community and take questions from Eagle Rock residents and stakeholders. 

You can see who is running for the ERNC and read their statements at the graphic below. Have a look, request your ballot and vote! 



7 thoughts on “Sponsored: Who is running for the ERNC?

  1. Claire Savage,

    Oxymoron running for public safety…please! How do you expect to keep the community safe without the involvement of a professional police force to stand between the criminal element and society?! Are YOU going to go out and detain suspects in a murder, rape, assault, burglary, theft case? Will you develop those cases involving the collection of evidence and present it to the district attorney? Do you think crime will disappear when you get rid/defund the police/sheriff?! REALLY?! Are you going to use your position to work to that end and embarrass the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council as well as the Eagle Rock community?

    Your ideas regarding protection of the ER citizens belongs in a Dr. Seuss book, oh wait, you probably don’t approve of that reading material either, am I right?

    I want somebody who is serious about the position they are running for. Not a dreamer thinking we are dealing with a perfect society. We are all humans capable of bad behavior that needs to be addressed. This coming from a BROWN person who deals every day with good and bad citizens. I treat the ones I can with compassion/understanding and assist those who want to change. I have worked with drug addicts and recently the homeless population for the last thirty (30) years. I’ve done my homework, done my clinicals, and been employed both publicly and privately to see what humans are capable of. Without an effective police force to protect society for the ones who can’t be helped (or refuse to be helped), we will not have a society for very long.

    Leave the improving the black and brown communities to us, we don’t need your help or mis-guided ideas of how to improve ourselves… WE GOT THIS. Run for another position. Your statement clearly shows you are not fit for the position of Public Safety Director.

    I really wish there was someone else running for this position…can we just not have one?

    1. You say your done your homework… but it sure doesn’t read like it. Maybe you should do a bit more research.

      “Defunding the police” doesn’t mean eliminating all police, especially when it comes to the violent situations you’ve mentioned. And that fact that you’ve even implied as such shows such shows you’re either entirely ignorant of the actual movement, or making an entirely bad-faith argument. Frankly, i suspect it’s both.

      The LAPD budget is over 1 billion dollars and more than half the city budget. This is about police reform, rethinking what requires a police response, and figuring out more effective and equitable ways to spend our city’s money.

      Your comment is shameful and embarrassing. It makes me sad to know that you’re my neighbor.

      1. Your comment in response to OP is a great example of virtue signaling. No one can have a disagreement in a public forum without being called “shameful and embarrassing.” How ridiculous.

      2. Your comment in response to OP is a great example of virtue signaling. No one can have a disagreement in a public forum without being called “shameful and embarrassing.” How ridiculous.

  2. Thank you for your comment, I couldn’t agree more. “Their” occupying this position is a farce.

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