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Vaccinations slow in Northeast L.A. as COVID-19 cases rise; elected officials take action

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By T.A. Hendrickson

Over the past three weeks, vaccination rates in Northeast Los Angeles have barely budged, despite increases in  COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths from the Delta variant.

In a data update on July 29, the L.A. County Public Health Department reported that 72% of Eagle Rockers age 16 and up have had at least one shot, only one percentage point higher than three weeks ago.

In each of four other NELA neighborhoods — Elysian Valley, Glassell Park, Highland Park and Mount Washington — the share of the age 16+ population with at least one shot also ticked up by only one percentage point over the past three weeks and now ranges from 69% in Highland Park to 71% in Glassell Park.

In El Sereno and Lincoln Heights, the share of the age 16+ population with at least one shot rose by two percentage points over the past three weeks, to 67% and 68%, respectively. 

The slowdown in vaccinations amid the rise in infections has led L.A. County health officials to require mask wearing indoors by both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

The situation is also spurring city elected officials to act. Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Council President Nury Martinez recently announced that L.A. will require city employees to provide proof of vaccination or be tested weekly to show they are negative for the virus. City Councilmember Mark Ridley-Thomas was expected to introduce a motion  directing city staffers to craft a policy requiring all city employees to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

The councilmembers representing NELA — Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León — both voiced support for the motion in comments to the L.A. Times.

The Delta variant mainly afflicts the unvaccinated, though vaccinated people are at modest risk of breakthrough infections. Vaccinated people who become infected are highly unlikely to become seriously ill and require hospitalization, though they may be able to transmit the virus.  

The lowest vaccination rates in NELA are among youth ages 12 to 17. The county’s latest data show that in Eagle Rock, 56% of those ages 12-to-17 have had at least one shot; in Glassell Park, 48%; in Lincoln Heights, 46%; in Elysian Valley, 44%; in Mount Washington, 43%; and in El Sereno and Highland Park, 42%.

Part of the reason for lower vaccination rates among youth is that the vaccine first became available on May 10 for those ages 12 to 15. Another reason is that illness or death from COVID-19 is extremely rare in young people, which may lull their parents into thinking vaccination is not urgent.  

But experts say it’s important to vaccinate 12-year olds and teenagers because they can contract and transmit the virus and, in very rare cases, become ill and even die from COVID-19. Moreover, widespread vaccination is the way to stop the virus from mutating in dangerous ways.

At the other end of the age spectrum in NELA, senior citizens ages 65+ have the highest vaccination rates, ranging from 76% in Glassell Park to 86% in El Sereno. Those percentages, while relatively robust, have also plateaued in recent weeks. 

Without a higher level of vaccination among all age groups, herd immunity will remain elusive. Dr Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, believes that close to 90% of the population probably needs to be immune to bring COVID-19 to a halt.  

To find a vaccination site near you, click here. Vaccination is free. You will not be asked your immigration status.

Students in the L.A. Unified School District and their family members are eligible to receive COVID vaccinations at several of LAUSD’s partner-run vaccination centers, including Lincoln High School in Lincoln Heights. Additional information, including an updated list of school sites, can be found here or by calling the Los Angeles Unified Family Vaccination Hotline at (213) 328-3958.

T.A. Hendrickson, a native of Eagle Rock, is the editor of the Boulevard Sentinel and a former member of the Editorial Board of the New York Times.

T.A. Hendrickson
T.A. Hendrickson, a native of Eagle Rock, is the editor of the Boulevard Sentinel and a former member of the Editorial Board of the New York Times.

17 thoughts on “Vaccinations slow in Northeast L.A. as COVID-19 cases rise; elected officials take action

  1. Don’t be selfish, get vaccinated! Love your neighbor as yourself…….

    1. If you are healthy enough to get the vaccine. Ask your doctor FIRST !!
      And, make sure to ask about any side effects.

  2. You do not say how many died from the vaccine. Or how many had bad side effects.
    How many died 4 people, it was on the news, out of 4,000,000 people? More died in car accidents. Yet people do not look at the risks.

  3. Shots (technically it’s not a “vaccine”) for younger people are insane. We are test subjects, period. The most insane test in human history.

  4. I rarely hear people comment in public on a WONDERFUL side-effect of getting the shots: RELIEF! A sense of comfort and well-being. I am in the category of people that might have reasonably expected side effects: Age70, sensitive to medications of all types with special sensitivity in lungs. What I experienced was mild tenderness near the shot site for a few hours–exactly like a flu shot– and that’s it! I had been told that I might feel more symptoms with the second shot. I experienced fewer–no pain at shot site at all and no other symptoms. I am happy I did my civic duty for the good of ALL! The sense of relief was worth waiting in line for 3 hours at Dodger Stadium. Now, no waiting! So WORTH it.

  5. Contrary to some “news” reports of the vaccine being “rushed,” the vaccines have been developed over many years. No, we are not “test subjects” anymore than we are when our physician “prescribes” a pharmaceutical to see how effective it is are for our particular bodies. The “test” subjects VOLUNTEERED for the benefit of you and me. THEY were test subjects and they were informed that they were. After millions of people from all age groups in every part of the world take the vaccine with few or no side-effects, it is not longer being “tested” it is proven. Every time an we go into the community, drive a car, undergo a surgery (even a “minor” one) we take a calculated risk. Life is about CALCULATED RISKS. We can’t even breathe air without taking a risk. There are far more CASUALITIES of all types from Covid than the vaccine! Far more! If we hope to get back to normal, we ALL MUST DO OUR PART. It’s not just about me and you–it’s about the GOOD OF THE WHOLE, of ALL. We get to Cooperate or we get to die. It’s our choice.

    1. It is still a test. The FDA has not approve any vaccines. And there are serious side effects that the public is not getting the information about. The vaccines are listed a “experimental” drug. Masks do not work. Most of the poor having been wearing the same masks for months just because they are required. The same masks for even a day carry around germs more than dangerous than not wearing a mask.

      Government has lied many, many, many times. Government said Mercury in vaccines were safe. It was NOT. Government said “Agent Orange” was safe. It was NOT. Government said Abestos was safe. It was NOT. Government said lead in paint was safe. It was NOT.
      Government said Round Up pesticide was safe. It was NOT.

      How many more government lies do you want to believe ??

  6. Yes the government because “people” are “the government” and people lie. So do those who wish to dis-inform, divide and manipulate people’s fears. We all have to look at the facts and use our best judgment. Above, it was stated: “4 people in 4 million people”–that’s the number of dead from the vaccine or causes related to the vaccine. “More people die in car accidents” and 600,000+ (so far) have died from Covid! Look at the FACTS. Is there really any comparison? Some people, apparently, think they will cheat death by avoiding the vaccine. Currently, physical death is inevitable. Do you want to risk a remote possibility death or face CERTAIN death? The choice is always yours, but unfortunately, sometimes YOUR CHOICES become ours as well, by default, and that’s just not acceptable in a caring society.

  7. There is a DIFFERENCE between a scientifically proven fact and one that has been scientifically established. The vaccine is proven, but not yet established because of bureaucratic procedures that were (in my opinion) rightly “waived” since we are, literally, at war with this Virus for our lives and our future! The vaccine will soon be “established,’ but while people wait for this, the virus is not waiting–it is mutating and getting STRONGER with each change. We would NOT be dealing with the current MORE CONTAGEIOUS mutation of the virus if EVERYONE who could get the vaccine would have had “the heart,” the courage to help! Timing is Everything and Time is of the Essence! Covid is a Test of Cooperation and Courage. Will we pass?

  8. The French government has imposed a “health pass” to restrict movement of unvaccinated citizens. Vaccination rates have jumped and so have protests. We’ll see what happens next over there.

    1. @J Hendrickson: Protests from anti-vaxxers seem like a reasonable price to pay for the benefit of keeping millions of people safer from Covid than they would otherwise be. I like the current trend toward mandating vaccination for government workers and those employed by major companies. Also that of requiring proof of vaccination or a recent negative test (though it’s not nearly as reliable) in order to get into various events and commercial establishments.

  9. As of August 25th (just checked), VAERS is reporting 13,068 deaths with 54,142 hospitalized from the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Should we be repeating this information from the CDC or are we risking being “CANCELLED” and blocked from this site.

    We live in the United States where freedom used to ring loudly. If you choose to vaccinate, good for you! You are less likely to get sick, die, or pass the desease to others. If you choose not to get vaccinated, good for you! It’s ON YOU if you get sick, die, or pass it to other unvaccinated that CHOSE not to vaccinate. You should have the freedom to decide that for yourself and not be relegated to second class citizens by being restricted from engaging in every day activities because of vaccination status. Check what racial groups are less likely to be vaccinated. Talk about another reason for racism to rear its ugly head again in the name of health and safety.

    God help all those mandated to be vaccinated or lose their job…we are already short police officers, fire-fighters and health care workers.

    Let freedom ring…again.

  10. this is really very impressive article for everyone about vaccination. vaccination is very important for everyone if you are healthy and safe. you have to must take care of yourself. thanks for sharing this amazing article.

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