Police secure the scene in front of 7-Eleven Colorado Blvd in Eagle Rock after the shooting on Thursday, July 17 | Photo by Laura Brady-Allen

Update: Shooting on Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock

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By Laura Brady-Allen

12:15 p.m. Friday, July 19:

LAPD has confirmed that the victim in the shooting on Thursday evening in Eagle Rock died on Friday morning. The victim was a 27-year old male Hispanic and had several gunshot wounds, according to an LAPD spokesperson who responded to questions from the Boulevard Sentinel.  The spokesperson also confirmed that there were two assailants who fled the scene, adding that LAPD has no description to give at this time of the vehicle the assailants used.  The spokesperson said the shooting is being described as a a drive-by and possibly gang related.

The shooting occurred on Colorado Boulevard in front of the 7-Eleven around 5:45 p.m. on Thursday evening. 

10:15 p.m. Thursday, July 18: 

A shooting occurred on Colorado Boulevard in front of the 7-Eleven around 5:45 p.m. on Thursday evening.

A victim was transported to the hospital and is in critical condition in surgery, according to an LAPD officer on the scene. Police said the victim, a male, appeared to be young. Police did not have a name of the victim.

Witnesses said that after the victim was shot, he turned and ran westbound along the sidewalk of Colorado Boulevard where he collapsed.

Police believe there are two assailants and do not yet have a description of them or of the vehicle in which they fled to release to the public.

10 thoughts on “Update: Shooting on Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock

  1. Blvd sentl: guess u did not ck with police on anything. There is a description of the shooters n their car. Also don’t think the young man made it. But how would I know that when ur story is 1/2 assed!! Really

    1. As a matter of FACT- It was a drive by shooting and His name was Daniel and he did not survive. He died during surgery . He left behind a lil girl. He will be missed by many. Rip dboy ?

  2. Hello Amy,
    The information in the story is from an officer on the scene at 10:15 p.m. We waited that long and would have waited longer if needed to get the information directly from LAPD. We were well aware of reports on social media that the victim had died, we were also well aware of reports describing the vehicle. The officer told us that the reports were inaccurate. The victim was not dead at the scene, was transported to the hospital and was in surgery. The LAFD also confirmed to us that the victim was transported, which means that he was not dead.
    Teresa Hendrickson
    Bouelvard Sentinel

    1. Never said the victim died on the scene. He was taken 2 e.r. n surgery. But did not make it. But channel 11 news did get a description from police on car and possible shooters. Duke it out with channel 11 news. They r the 1s that posted. Fake news..possible.. Btw what happened 2 signal at fwy exit on Colorado. Fake news also.

  3. Amy,you should not respond to people like that,dont waste your time.stay professional and let them talk all they want cause they are the ones who like stir shit up.

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