Tracking NELA COVID-19 cases and resources

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By Matthew Reagan and Jonathan Fierros

Current case totals in NELA (updated Dec. 16)

The dreaded surge in COVID-19 is upon us.  

As of Dec. 16, the cumulative total of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Northeast Los Angeles was 6,955. In the last 14 days, 1,763 new cases  have been confirmed in NELA, compared to 1,097 new cases in the two weeks before that and 873 new cases in the two-week period before that. 

Overall, there have been 2,422 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Highland Park, followed by Eagle Rock with 1,515 confirmed cases,  Glassell Park with 1,370, Mt. Washington with 1,152 and Elysian Valley with 496. 

Resources available in NELA


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