Time in a Bottle

2019 Editions Lani Tunzi September

By Lani Tunzi

Every now and then, when I look around, I think about what archaeologists would conclude if they dug up Eagle Rock in the distant future. Would they think of the Eagle Rock as a shrine? Would traces of Pillarhenge be thought of as some ancient apparatus? The 134 Freeway as a Silk Road?

Would artifacts and other records and remnants communicate the sweet strangeness of our history? Maybe our current architecture or our styles or sources of entertainment would be seen as completely unconventional or maybe even inexplicably advanced. (O.K, probably not.)

I’m not really all that into contemplating a time when the town will be long forgotten. But I have been thinking that a time capsule of the here and now might be a good idea, to remind us who we are and maybe even help us to think about where we’re going as a town. At the very least, a time capsule would convey a present emphasis on the preservation of memory in a community that is enduring alterations and transformations every single day.

So, if Eagle Rockers were to bury a time capsule today what would they put in it?

Maybe a copy of the Boulevard Sentinel! Or pictures of the businesses along the boulevards. I’d like to see a rock from the Eagle Rock Canyon trail and a flyer from the Eagle Rock music festival, artwork from neighbors and a jar of pickled something or other from the Italian Bakery. Maybe mementos like a tablecloth from Casa Bianca or a pair of socks from Cindy’s or student merchandise from Occidental College. Or the names of the pillars of our community, past and present, etched in granite.

Or, maybe there’d be a bus-route-and-bike-lane-type brawl over what to put in the time capsule and we could just leave a recording of the town hall meeting with the voices of passionate stakeholders.

I like to think and hope that our time capsule would show the future how impactful a small neighborhood can be when people in it care enough to fight for what they believe in and advocate for where they live.
Lani Tunzi is a senior at Eagle Rock High School.

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