Artist Paula Lopez, seen here, is repainting the SW Museum mural | Photo by Jesus Sanchez for The Eastsider

The Mural on Marmion Way – Lost and Found

2019 Arts & Culture August Editions Updates

UPDATE: August 23, 2019 – 

The re-painting phase of the restoration process for the mural on Marmion Way near the Southwest Museum has begun.  The Eastsider reported today that artist Paula Lopez began the re-painting of the 170-foot-long mural about one month ago.  Matching the colors of the mural to their original hues is a work of art in and of itself.  Our featured image above with this update will give you a small detail of Lopez’ art work.

ORIGINAL POST:  June 28, 2019

By Mary Lynch


All photos in the original post by Bill Hendrickson

The restoration of the mural on Marmion Way near the Southwest Museum is in an early stage, in which the wall itself is prepared for fresh painting. But the preparation work has become a creative adventure in its own right, revealing that much of the original mural, buried beneath 16 layers of whitewash, can be uncovered intact.

The original mural, painted by Daniel Cervantes in 2004, depicted indigenous people and culture. Over the years, it was damaged and obliterated by weather, neglect, graffiti and successive coats of whitewash. Before the wall prep work got underway, no one involved in the restoration project anticipated that it could be saved, said Pola Lopez, the artist selected to restore the mural.

The painstaking restoration work being done by Leah Moscozo and Will Herrón.


It will take careful work, done by hand, to uncover the original mural. The Autry Museum of the American West, which owns the Southwest Museum, has brought in Will Herrón and Leah Moscozo restoration experts and muralists, to help with the painstaking wall prep.

Lopez told the Boulevard Sentinel that the project will now be the “true restoration” that artists and community members have wanted all along – rather than a re-creation of a lost work of art.

The prep work on the wall is expected to be done in July.

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