Rock ‘n Egg to Be Managed by Local Boxer

2018 Editions February Updates

In September, 2016, when the Boulevard Sentinel first wrote about Carlos Morales, he had just become the North American Boxing Association Super Featherweight Champion. Since then, the 28-year old Mr. Morales, who lives in Highland Park, has won three of four more fights in some of  boxing’s premier locations, including the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the Forum in Inglewood and in Puerto Rico. His overall record is 17-2, with three draws.

Mr. Morales is still boxing regularly and still aims to become a world champion. In the meantime, he has a new day job: He will be the second-in-command at Rock ‘n Egg Café, the restaurant that will open soon at 4616 Eagle Rock Blvd. in Eagle Rock, on the site that once was Auntie Em’s Kitchen.

The owner of Rock ‘n Egg, Rod Davis, is also the owner of Nick’s Café, a popular diner in downtown L.A. where Mr. Morales started as a busboy and worked his way up to general manager. Mr. Morales said that Mr. Davis has always been supportive, so “I just support [him] the way he supports me and my boxing career.”

Rock ‘n Egg, slated to open in February, will serve American fare and Italian subs, with a separate area for grab-and-go food orders, making the restaurant part eatery and part marketplace. Breakfast will include the usual as well as brunchy selections, including fruity pancakes and specialty coffees.

The goal is to make Rock ‘n Egg as successful as Nick’s Café. As for Mr. Morales, he will also continue running CM Boxing Stables, his boxing studio in Alhambra, and doesn’t rule out becoming even more involved in the restaurant business after he retires from boxing.

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