Dunsmoor in Glassell Park has been named one of the best new restaurants in Los Angeles by several restaurant critics. | Wonho Frank Lee/Eater L.A.

The 12 best restaurants in Northeast L.A.

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By Bill Hendrickson

Eating out is in again and Northeast Los Angeles is a dining hot spot, according to L.A.’s restaurant reviewers. Here’s a rundown:

Bub and Grandma’s in Glassell Park and Dunsmoor, also in Glassell Park, have made the lists of best new restaurants in L.A. by Eater L.A., the Infatuation and

Eater L.A. has also named Capri Club in Eagle Rock as one the L.A’s top new restaurants.

Pan Dulce from Delicia’s

Delicia’s Bakery and Some, a family-run Mexican bakery in Highland Park since 1991, is on Eater L.A.’s  list of “the 38 essential restaurants in L.A.” Delicia’s also gets high marks from Vegetarian Times for its vegan pan dulce.

Home State in Highland Park is in the top 20 brunch places in L.A.

Chifa in Eagle Rock gets the nod from as one of the most romantic restaurants in L.A.

Rock ‘n Egg Cafe in Eagle Rock is the soul sister to iconic Nick’s Cafe in downtown L.A.

Cindy’s in Eagle Rock and Nick’s Café in downtown L.A. are two of L.A.’s classic diners, according to the L.A. Times. Nick’s is owned and operated by Rod Davis, who also runs Rock ‘n Egg Café in Eagle Rock. Eater L.A. has described Rock ‘n Egg as the “spiritual sister to the hardscrabble Nick’s.”

Walt’s on Eagle Rock Blvd in Eagle Rock | Photo by Georgia Arnold The Occidental

Walt’s in Eagle Rock and Angel Tijuana Tacos in Glassell Park are on the L.A. Times list of best places to take out-of-town guests to eat in L.A.

Chifa, Hippo in Highland Park and Joy in Highland Park are on the L.A. Times’ latest annual list of the 101 best restaurants in L.A. Joy gets a double shout out from the Times as one of L.A.s best and most affordable restaurants.

Enjoy life. Enjoy NELA. Eat out more often.

Bill Hendrickson
Bill Hendrickson, MBA, publisher of the Boulevard Sentinel, has extensive small business management, marketing and sales experience in corporate finance and real estate development and plays a not terrible game of golf.