Taco Bell in Eagle Rock to be Reborn

2018 August Editions Updates

The forlorn Taco Bell on Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock will soon see better and happier days, thanks to an agreement between Nader Ashoori, the owner of the Taco Bell, and The Eagle Rock Association (TERA), an improvement group.

The agreement, which was reached with the help of staff from the office of Councilmember José Huizar, was approved on July 25 by city planning commisioners for Northeast Los Angeles.

Mr. Ashoori has agreed to safety features called for by TERA, including a buffer between the restaurant’s drive thru lane and the sidewalk and a design for safer traffic flow into and around the parking lot.

TERA conceded that Mr. Ashoori was allowed by right to keep the tall Taco Bell pole sign on the edge of the restaurant property. That type of tall sign is no longer allowed for new businesses on Colorado Blvd., but older businesses like Taco Bell are generally exempted from the newer rules.

Mr. Ashoori told the Boulevard Sentinel that he would start right away to fix clean-up problems at the Taco Bell site, which has become dirty, decrepit and  overgrown with weeds while the approvals for the renovation were processed, appealed and re-processed.

Jane Choi, a staff member with the City Planning Department, told the paper it would take a couple of weeks to process the revised agreement, after which permits could be issued and the renovation work begun.

At last!

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