Security camera footage of suspects in murder of Rite Aid employee | Photo from LAPD

Suspect is arrested in killing of Rite Aid clerk in Glassell Park

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From memorial for slain employee, Miguel Penaloza, in front of Rite Aid on Eagle Rock Blvd. in Glassell Park | Photo by Ken Walsh for the Boulevard Sentinel

Update, July 27:  The LAPD has issued a statement saying that Anthony Lemus, 20, was arrested Monday on suspicion of murdering Miguel Penaloza, 36, a clerk in the Rite Aid store in Glassell Park.

The fatal shooting of Penaloza occurred on July 15, when he confronted two men who were leaving the store without paying for two cases of beer, according to the LAPD statement.

The store has been closed since the shooting. The L.A. Times has reported that a Rite Aid spokesperson said a security guard will be stationed on-site when the store reopens and that a new security camera system will be installed.

United Food and Commercial Workers Local 770, the union that represents the store’s employees, issued a statement after the shooting saying that union members had raised security concerns at the store, but that Rite Aid had refused to provide adequate professional security for the employees.

There is no information from LAPD at this time on the second suspect.


Update, July 21: Chris Savarese, a spokesperson for Rite Aid, told the Boulevard Sentinel that the store on Eagle Rock Boulevard in Glassell Park has been closed in order to aid police in their investigation and will reopen when the police give the go-ahead.

Savarese also said that Rite Aid is “in contact with his [Miguel Penaloza’s] family and providing assistance,” though he declined to characterize the assistance, saying that he did not want to appear as if was emphasizing Rite Aid’s help in the face of the family’s tragic loss.

Savarese said that employees of the store are being paid their regular wages during the closure and that customer calls to the store are being automatically transferred to the Rite Aid on York Boulevard.

When the Sentinel asked whether Rite Aid was offering a reward for information about the crime, Savarese referred the question to the LAPD. The Sentinel is following up. 


July 20: Rite Aide has announced that it will indefinitely close its store on Eagle Rock Boulevard in Glassell Park following the fatal shooting of an employee, Miguel Penaloza during a confrontation with shoplifters on the evening of July 15.

KABC reports that Mr. Peñaloza stopped two suspects leaving the store with a case of beer each, a scuffle ensued and the employee was fatally shot by one of the suspects.

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Bill Hendrickson, MBA, publisher of the Boulevard Sentinel, has extensive small business management, marketing and sales experience in corporate finance and real estate development and plays a not terrible game of golf.

Bill Hendrickson
Bill Hendrickson, MBA, publisher of the Boulevard Sentinel, has extensive small business management, marketing and sales experience in corporate finance and real estate development and plays a not terrible game of golf.

17 thoughts on “Suspect is arrested in killing of Rite Aid clerk in Glassell Park

  1. This is so discouraging. First of all, I hope the corporation will willingly provide a generous amount of support and compensation to the victim’s family, especially considering that he was killed trying to stand up for them, regardless of whether they’d have expected him to. Second, rather than close the place down indefinitely, how about announcing and implementing some new security measures there, along with a public statement or memorial service for the victim?

  2. First of all; my condolences to Miguel family.
    Secondly; Rite Aid should definitely pay for all funeral services and compensation the family.
    Thirdly; Rite Aid should hire Sercurity Guard that is well trained and carry a weapon/gun. Basically ALL stores should have a Sercurity Guards whether they hire their own private one or not for situations like this…store employees are NOT trained to handle situations like this that where your well trained Security Guards steps in…if stores had Sercurity Guards people will think twice before robbing it and they’ll
    be less crimes…
    Lastly; I hope they caught these two F@%$ AH that took an innocent life for some F@%$ beer. They should burn in hell.

  3. Tite Aid should be held accountable for this senseless act. Had they followed thru with some security,this probably would never had happened. Sleep with the angels Miguel,you are a hero! Prayers to his family.

  4. Extremely terrible and sad.

    The store could stay and stop selling alcohol. More stores should give up on alcohol even though they make big profits from it.

  5. Any response from LAPD on a reward? Can’t understand why Rite Aid has not offered, nor will confirm, a reward for this capital crime on an employee. The police need tips to investigate. Rewards are a proven incentive for information.

  6. My condolences to the family.
    When there is no consequence for your actions, human nature is to exploit the situation. No punishment for thefts under $950 (PROP 47). Beer runs & shoplifting are rampant in California. Stores closing in high crime areas as they can not suppport the losses incurred. Stores have a hands off policy to avoid situations like these. Employees are fustrated as they watch helplessly as thefts mount. Police don’t respond in a timely manor as the suspect is gone with the property and no longer a “threat” to the store.

    Gascon was voted in to be the top “PROSECUTOR”, not to reform criminal justice by putting the criminal before the victim. His theories of science are from a liberal idealist, not a realist.
    I am so sorry for this family, another victim of Gascon’s ideas.

    1. Right on. Don’t understand why so many liberals insist on giving the criminal a pass, while victims and their families suffer. Stop the madness and once and for all get tough on these lovers. Don’t need them walking around free.

    2. Do you know the cost of time for police, the city attorney, court judges, jail to prosecute those that steal less than $950 ? It is a LOT of money. And, most of the time these small crimes are done from poor people that need food or mental help or other help. It is a revolving door. They get out of jail just to return over and over. That does not address the real problem that these people need solutions to real poverty or mental illness.

      The people that do Beer run are criminals but so are those that cheat in other ways like on their taxes, lying to get Food Stamps (EBT), using someone else’s social security number to get work, illegally breaking the law to come into this county and a whole host of other crimes that no one hears about. Everyone looks the other way on those crimes.

      Bail stopped because that is an unfair system for the poor. The rich can bail out but the poor cannot, and if innocent, you must sit in jail until your court date if you cannot afford bail. And, there ARE exceptions to the No Bail rule.

      Justice is for the rich. There is little justice for the poor. The Los Angeles City Attorney does NOT have enough Public Defenders to defend the poor. Their budget is way underfunded. YET Black Lives Matters does nothing about this and other real problems of the justice system for the poor. BLM does NOTHING about addressing the justice inequities for ALL the poor regardless of race. BLM does nothing about the innocent sitting in jails. They provide no money support for attorney fees to help prove their innocent.
      The innocent project only helps those with DNA cases. That does not help the rest of those sitting in jails that are innocent.

      There are malicious prosecutions going on every day by Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feurer. Yet there is no oversight of his city prosecutors. And, there is no accountability.
      Who is crying out for the recall of Mike Feurer? NO ONE !! Yet, this is a huge problem when people are prosecuted for crimes they did not commit with no evidence or witnesses, like ME.
      And, Los Angeles City Attorney refuses to prosecute false accusers like mine, Divine Saviour Catholic church in Cypress Park Father Albert and is lying churchmember Patricia Celaya.

      Fix the justice system in the courtroom! Remove Prosecutor Immunity ! Prosecute False Accusers! More funding for the Los Angeles City Attorney Public Defenders Office !


        There you go Susan

  7. An important step to help the family find closure. Nobody should have to go through this kind of pain.

  8. No one should pay the price for what they did not do. says:

    RIP Miguel. This raises questions on whether Anthony Lemus, who was not the gunman should be tried for murder if he wasn’t the gunman. The news said he turned himself in.
    Should someone be tried for something they did not do ? What happened should never have happened. But there are are more victims than the one that died. No one should be prosecuted for a crime they did not do.

  9. This story leaves a lot of information out. Who was the shooter ? And, why and how was the suspect arrested? The suspect turned himself in. But did he help police or the city attorney to get a better plead deal ? No information anywhere. Should the innocent have to pay for someone else’s crime ? No. They shouldn’t.

  10. Not the time or place for your rant! It’s not always about you Rocha! Get over it!!

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