Sponsored Content: Reformist Democrats Urge Voters to Cast Complete Ballots

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Revelations of racism, homophobia, and hypocrisy by L.A. Councilmembers hit just as Angelenos received ballots for the general election.

Leaked recordings of scheming by influential city insiders focused on controlling representation through manipulation of identity politics and district boundaries. 

But one beautiful fact defines our democracy: The greater power over representation belongs to voters. 

Members and leaders of East Area Progressive Democrats (EAPD) have worked for twelve months to make sure voters are informed in the 2022 elections. From contests for Congress on down to County Sheriff, Assemblymember, Mayor, School Board, and judges, EAPD members engaged and evaluated candidates. They reviewed and voted, in some cases by the hundreds, on considerations of endorsement. 

The result is the EAPD Ballot Guide. This useful roundup of recommendations includes the full range of elected offices and statewide, county, and city measures. It provides a handy reference for filling out the mail-in ballot completely.

By activating voters both during and between elections on policy issues and campaigns, EAPD has grown into the largest grassroots club of Democrats in L.A. County and in California. The club has also ushered a diverse group of informed, progressive, community-minded Democrats into positions of leadership in the party structure.

So effective has EAPD proved at shaking up the party and opening doors to fresh representation, including by women, that one of the would-be power-brokers captured in the leaked recordings called out the club’s president by name as “a problem.”

The club’s work to improve governance, challenge abusive treatment and practices, and increase responsiveness by elected officials to the needs of Northeast L.A. and adjacent communities such as Glendale and Pasadena—and when necessary, to replace them—has scored numerous victories. Major wins include the statewide ban on throwaway plastic bags, the state’s landmark law protecting Net Neutrality, investment in affordable housing, and several wins for public education and greater accountability for charter schools. EAPD led the push to close the polluting Scholl Canyon dump at the north end of Figueroa Street, achieved in September in a vote by Glendale City Council after an 8-year struggle. 

The EAPD Ballot Guide is a free resource for the community. To join EAPD and become a voting member on future endorsements, click here (https://www.eapd.la/become_a_member).


7 thoughts on “Sponsored Content: Reformist Democrats Urge Voters to Cast Complete Ballots

  1. I know much work and time went into learning about the best candidates and Measures to then recommend. I have used the Ballot Guide and shared with friends and neighbors. Thank you EAPD.

    1. The voting guide was no doubt a great help to completing my ballot. Thanks again for a great job.

  2. Great, now I know who not to vote for. I bet you have always supported De Leon. Most on your list like Padilla are just as racist.

    1. EAPD members have never endorsed Kevin De Leon for any office. And we condemn his racist, homophobic, and hateful diatribes as revealing an office-holder deluded by arrogance and hypocrisy, unfit for public service.

    2. Such assumptions! We have never endorsed DeLeon or supported any candidate who is a bigot. You have incorrect info. Do some research.

  3. This voter guide was very helpful. As a Republican it will help to know who not to vote for. Thanks EAPD

  4. You can take the horse to the water …
    I’m sorry to read negative comments on this thread. Thank you EAPD for this list, you are an amazing team. I was at the meeting when it was voted not to sorry Kevin De Leon.

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