Instructor Patrick working with a middle school student | Photo courtesy of Mathnasium/Eagle Rock

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Mathnasium of Eagle Rock welcomes students in grades 1-12 who would like to strengthen their math skills, improve their performance, and become advanced math students.

The main goal at Mathnasium is to guide students towards mastery in math and gradually build confidence throughout the process.

Mathnasium of Eagle Rock is a small business, owned and operated by Eagle Rock resident & Oxy alumnus (‘99) Maya Diakoff and co-owner Eric Benitez, both successfully holding over 8 years of expertise in the business. Benitez is also the Center Director, working closely with students and instructors on a daily basis.

With Mathnasium/Eagle Rock you can help your kid get to high-fiving his math skills! | Photo compliments of Mathnasium/Eagle Rock

Students come to Mathnasium from every starting point: some have foundational gaps, some need just a little extra support with their current school curriculum, and some are advanced math students who want to be challenged & move beyond their current grade level in math.

Mathnasium of Eagle Rock supports their students by meeting them where they are at, in order to ensure that they are able to catch up, keep up, and get ahead in math.

Benitez and the instructors work one-on-one with students to fill in foundational gaps and achieve mastery before introducing new concepts.

They utilize a step-by-step approach for all of their students by first having them complete a math skills assessment to precisely identify what they already know and what they don’t know yet. They then use the results of the assessment as a guide to create a customized learning plan dedicated solely to the student.

This method gives the child an opportunity to work through concepts in a methodical way until they have fully mastered them, and ensures they aren’t asked to work on any skills that they aren’t ready for yet.

Over the past 8 years, both Diakoff and Benitez have seen a tremendous amount of improvement and much more confidence in the students after implementing this step-by-step method. “I’ve seen so many of our students thrive specifically because their learning plan has been customized to their needs,” Benitez said. “The assessment results also give the parents an idea of where their child stands and what specific concepts they need to work on.”

Mathnasium of Eagle Rock is offering both in-center and at home session options to prioritize the safety and comfort of their new and returning students.

The first step to enrollment is to have your child come in for a free math skills assessment. Visit or call 323-474-6136 to schedule your child’s free assessment today!