Sponsored Content: Make Music at Home with This DIY Homemade Guitar by MiniBop Music

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There’s nothing like exploring and enjoying music with your children. Whether you’re showing them your favorite songs on those things called CDs, or you’re letting them sing karaoke, music facilitates amazing bonding and development.

That’s why we started MiniBop Music, and we’re excited to announce the grand opening of our new studio at Verdugo Plaza in Glassell Park (next to Lemon Poppy)! We offer fun and engaging parent-and-me group music classes for children ages 1-6+. Want to get your little one active and socializing? This is the perfect way to do so – all while developing an interest in music.

We’re also pleased to offer Boulevard Sentinel readers (that’s YOU) an exclusive $15 discount on our monthly classes! Use promo code “GROUP15” to redeem. LINK: https://minibopmusic.com/parent-me-class/

Even if you don’t join us, you can still take musical fun and learning a step further: make your own musical instruments!

Here’s how you can make a DIY-style cardboard guitar! It’s easy to make your own with some simple household items.

Materials needed:

  • Large cereal-type box (or a tissue box, for a smaller ukulele)
  • Cardboard tube (from a paper towel or wrapping paper roll)
  • Decorating materials (colorful paper, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Rubber bands (long stretchy ones!)
  • Strong tape (duct tape or packaging tape)

Ok – now let’s make it!


  1. Cut 2 holes – a small hole on top (the small side) and a larger hole on the front. If you’re using a tissue box, the pre-cut tissue hole works great as this larger hole!
  2. Make several small cuts at the far end of the tube (away from the box). You’ll “hook” the rubber bands into these later.
  3. Insert the tube into the hole you cut and tape it securely in place.
  4. Stretch the rubber bands from the bottom of the box up to the end of the tube, and secure them in the cuts. At the other end, you can secure them with more cuts or tape.
  5. Now decorate however you’d like and start jamming!

For additional DIY instruments, read our full blog here: https://minibopmusic.com/3-kids-musical-instruments-to-make-at-home/

Hope to see you soon – visit us online or stop by and say hello!