Sponsored Content: Local Guidance Helps Voters Cast Complete Ballot

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Did you open your ballot? There are seven  pages of choices to make. For members of East Area Progressive Democrats (EAPD), those choices are a lot easier, based on the club’s very helpful Ballot Guide. 

Now that guidance is available to the community as well. In EAPD, getting ready for this primary election began 8 months ago. 

Immediately after the club led local efforts to defeat the recall of Governor Newsom last September, officers and committee leaders in EAPD began hearing from local, countywide, state, and federal candidates who were eager to attend and speak at monthly meetings on Zoom and solicit members’ support. 

Now, with mail-in voting under way, the EAPD recommendations for voting are among the most sought out by Angelenos citywide. Club endorsements reflect months of interviews and votes by hundreds of members. 

Club members put a high priority on choosing the best prepared, most qualified candidates for four offices. For L.A. County Sheriff, members chose Robert Luna. For L.A. Mayor, members overwhelmingly chose Karen Bass. For state Assembly representing Eagle Rock and the entire 52nd District, members voted for Mia Livas Porter in a landslide, more than 90 percent. And for L.A. School Board, in the open seat for District 2, Dr. Rocío Rivas, parent of a 6th-grade student in Eagle Rock, earned the club endorsement. 

To find the EAPD Ballot Guide online click here:  www.EAPD.LA/endorsements  

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  1. I have been a loyal member of EAPD almost since its inception, 5 years ago or so! There were less than 200 members and now, we are over 1000 strong! The founder and president has worked his but off to make it what it is today! We, the members hold a Democratic process to endorse the best candidates to represent us in crucial positions in the L.A. COUNTY . We, together choose who we need to represent us. I blindly trust EAPD. Thanks Hans Johnson for your hard work and for choosing the best member leaders to represent our EAPD members!! Great Democratic job!!

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