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Dear Community Members,

It has been an honor to have served as CEO of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) for the past six years. The passage of Measure M in 2016 launched an ambitious slate of transportation projects designed to transform mobility in Los Angeles County. One of those projects is the North Hollywood to Pasadena Transit Corridor, an 18-mile bus rapid transit project connecting North Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale, Eagle Rock and Pasadena.

We believe this project will provide a more convenient transit experience that will reduce traffic and encourage more people to take the bus in this corridor. We also expect it will boost local businesses in the area.

We appreciate the constructive feedback we’ve received on this project, particularly concerning our proposed route through Eagle Rock on Colorado Boulevard.

Our staff is recommending dedicated bus lanes along most of the corridor to provide faster, more reliable and convenient service while maintaining or enhancing existing bicycle lanes. This plan will allow us to move more people more quickly to jobs, restaurants, entertainment and other destinations without forcing buses to weave in and out of regular traffic.

There will be additional opportunities for community feedback as this project heads to Metro’s Board of Directors in late May; that’s when the Board is expected to vote on what route this project will take.

Thank you for your time, your energy and your attention on this project. Metro will continue working to improve mobility for the entire community as this project moves forward.


Phillip A. Washington

CEO, Metro

8 thoughts on “Sponsored Content: Letter to community from Phillip A. Washington, CEO, Metro

  1. Thank you, Mr. Washington, for your commitment to improving mass transit and the life of the community. Improving bus service in Eagle Rock would be most welcome. The most immediate way would be to reduce wait time, make bus travel more attractive by making it more useful. Make the buses cleaner, maybe even smaller, as they run mostly empty. Add lines to more destinations. Increase wages for drivers and staff, do everything possible to make riding a bus a better experience. There is no need to tear up the street, to get rid of the lanes of traffic necessary for folks carrying tools and supplies to jobs and businesses, or transporting carloads of kids to schools and playdates. There is no need to get rid of parking for folks wanting to visit restaurants or shops or dojos. Please go ahead and plant those beautiful flowering trees pictured in the BRT ads – do everything you can to make what we have and love, and use, better. There is no need to embrace this notion that the only way forward is to wreck and replace. It is possible to improve what we have, and your help would be most welcome.

  2. Thx u Mark. PERFECT desprection. Why destory again just 4 buses. Don’t see how any business will make a profit while this is going on. And I know it will never been done correct. All traffic will b sent to hill Dr and Yosemite and with at least 5 schools letting out same time. Why does every1 think this is a good idea. Unless mayb a huge kick back. Buses r empty now. Traffic is out of control. And now 5yrs of more construction. Have the buses take em 2 all the homeless camps.

  3. Nothing new. I have to agree wholeheartedly with Mark. So often wreck and replace is the norm. Why not try try a fix and improve for a change. Eagle Rock could go either way in the near future. It could fall to pieces with a gutted Colorado Blvd Corridor or it could continue the revitalization with an improvement in the system itself that doesn’t include destroying the Eagle Rock Colorado Blvd Corridor and the businesses along the way.

  4. There is no mini bus in Cypress Park.
    The low income have to walk miles to go to stores and laundrymats far away.
    There needs to be a mini bus going down Cypress Ave from Division to North Figueroa and up North Figueroa to Ave 43. There also needs to be a turn on the way back to turn from North Figueroa into the Gold Line Train Station. There is NO mini bus or regular bus connections from the Gold Line Station to North Figueroa.

    I have talked about this for years with CD!. No one does anyting.

  5. There is no need to “fix” what is not broken. Why is it the downtown administration feels a need to meddle where they are not wanted or needed. If metro wants to beautify the Boulevard, let them plant more mature trees throughout the medians, install drip systems to maintain them, and provide safe, shaded areas for those that have a need , or desire , to ride the bus. Also a plus would be to have the stops maintained, keeping them clean, and clear of homeless individuals that claim them as their own. We don’t need or want a road diet experiment in Eagle Rock to satisfy some developers and politicians financial well being. And we especially don’t need anymore apartments being built with no parking allowances. Eagle Rock is bedroom community, not a central business district with all the accompanying problems.

  6. I have true concerns.. Will the city implement in Eagle Rock, street sweepers on Colorado and for that matter Eagle Rock blvd also I leave early for work and are gutters are full of trash daily and our medians in the middle are not taken care of or watered. The city does not take care of the median on Colorado from Figueroa up to Pasadena without a call. So how are we expected that these simple very important issues will be maintained better?? Also where is the support for local businesses like Pasadena being able to use the second lane for outside seating? I also thought prior to approval they were going to do a mock trial by closing one lane for about a month or more to see if Eagle can survive without 2 lanes from Eagle Rock blvd to Figueroa. Please address these true concerns for our community. Thank you.

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