Swift, forceful advocacy by more than 50 residents of Eagle Rock led by East Area Progressive Democrats (EAPD) secured reunification of the neighborhood in one Congressional district.

Sponsored Content: Huge push wins reunion of Eagle Rock

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Before and after: Following a wave of written testimony—and public comment delivered during a 13-hour meeting on Fri., Dec. 17—the Commission redrew the boundary line for 2 Congressional districts to respect the municipal border between L.A. and Glendale.

Spurred on by the East Area Progressive Democrats,  Eagle Rockers spoke up loud and clear when it mattered. And the state Redistricting Commission acted. The Commission has released an updated configuration that is now final of federal district boundaries in California. In the new map, Eagle Rock is reunified in one Congressional district as Eagle Rockers had requested.

The neighborhood had been fractured in prior draft maps, starting Dec. 10. But thanks to a wave of community testimony, this damaging split, which would have diluted the voice and leverage of the community in securing resources and attention to problems, has been fixed. Instead of arbitrary lines running down city blocks, the new district respects the municipal border with Glendale. We also won reconnection of other adjacent neighborhoods into one Northeast L.A. district. 

This victory is a direct result of more than 50 neighbors, business owners, and organization leaders, including dozens of EAPD members, who took the time to convey their informed concerns in writing with the Commission. Several also waited patiently through hours of call-in public comment to speak up directly so our communities were heard and not overlooked. Chalk this up to informed people power. Every voice mattered and did make the difference.

Click here to see for yourself the final map of Congressional districts, showing Eagle Rock and nearby sections of Northeast L.A. restored in “CD 34.”

Here are the NELA neighbors who lead the East Area Progressive Democrats:

Members of East Area Progressive Democrats (EAPD), including club president Hans Johnson, a decade-long resident of Eagle Rock, led the grassroots pushback with the state Citizens Redistricting Commission to fix Congressional district boundaries that had left Eagle Rock split down the middle of Colorado and Eagle Rock Boulevards. From Left: Christine Louise Mills, transit chair; Ceci Dominguez, membership chair; Renee Nahum, vice president; Hans Johnson, president; Mary Fischer, communications chair; Rocio Rivas, secretary; Hector Huezo, treasurer; and Rafael Chagoya, veterans chair. Not pictured: Malcolm Johnson, vice president.

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  1. Thank you for your advocacy and activism to maintain political solidarity in the Eagle Rock Community. I, too, sent in a letter and was gratified for once, that the concerns of the community were heard. Your work gives a strong unified voice to politicians that gerrymandering must stop; that activists in Eagle Rock will work to maintain a united front when it comes to maintaining a cohesive community in problem solving and addressing essential, sustainable needs. Many thanks.

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