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Supporting our LGBTQ community members. On May 3, 2022, the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council held its regular monthly meeting.  At this meeting, the ERNC passed a motion requesting the Councilmember de León introduce a resolution to the City Council barring City Employees from using city dollars to travel to States that discriminate against LGBTQ people.  The ERNC suggests that the City of Los Angeles mirror the current State prohibitions that were passed into law in 2016.  Currently California prohibits the use of state funds to travel to 18 states, which include Florida and Texas.  States are added to the list by the Attorney General.  The ERNC believes it is important to support the LGBTQ community at time when they are under attack in many jurisdictions.  You can read the full letter here.

Eagle Rock Rec Center and dogs unleashed. The ERNC also discussed the problem with off leash dogs at the Eagle Rock Rec Center.  We heard from many community members who have felt harassed or intimidated by off leash dogs while trying to enjoy the park.  We have also heard about dogs disrupting little league baseball games and other organized activities.  Community members also expressed some frustration with the dog park not being small dog friendly, and generally being crowded.  Some possible solutions were discussed such as creating a larger dog park just north of the current one.  Sarah Flarherty from Councilman de León’s office pointed out that such an expansion would likely cost over $100,000 given that the area would have to be made ADA compliant. It was also suggested that the dog park have special hours for smaller dogs.  What everyone seemed to agree on was that more enforcement was necessary, and the Department of Animal Services should begin issuing citations to dog owners who do not comply with leash laws. 

Join the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council.  If these and other community issues interest you, and you are interested in being more involved in city government, then join the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council.  Currently there are two vacant positions: Sub District 1 Director and Arts Director.  Any community stakeholder can fill either of these positions.  It’s as easy as filling out an application.  Please email ERNC at info@ernc.la to receive an application. Applications must be received by June 7, 2022 at 3pm, and all applicants must attend the ERNC Board meeting on June 7, 2022 at 7pm.

Calling All Stakeholders with Native Plants

Hello Neighbor! As you know we are in a severe drought and must utilize every avenue to conserve water. The Sustainability Committee of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council is hoping to encourage community members to replace their soon to be brown lawns with drought-tolerant gardens consisting of native plants. We are creating a map and guide to homes in Eagle Rock to showcase the beauty of these sorts of gardens. The idea is to demonstrate low-water, local, native-species-planted front yards to neighbors for a drive-by visual.  Additionally, we understand growing such plants takes time and we hope to demonstrate not only full-grown plants, but work in progress gardens to familiarize newcomers to the process.


24 thoughts on “Sponsored Content: Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council Update

  1. I am so sick of the ERNC! Oh …. How brave of them taking on with such passion the horrible dog owners who enjoy the park and have always respected other people’s private space. The horrible off leash dog owners! Yet our freaking “unhoused” neighbors set up tents in the park and defecate in areas where our children play. Freaking deal drugs right in front of the tennis courts. ERNC ….take up a real cause you losers!

    1. Exactly ERNC is a woke joke. Eagle Rock is turning into a shanty town… just a little more modern

  2. Just make “off-leash hours.” I take my dog off leash during weekday mornings/afternoons when the park is empty.

  3. This is what city council does???
    Tritch hardware and Colorado donuts have been threathen 2 remove recall De leon signs. These business have been here longer than the spineless yuppies have been alive. How dare you try and DESTORY someone else’s lively hood. Who are these spineless ppl. Why don’t you have the guts to show who you are. Take your nose out of De Leons bottom and grow a pair. I’m hoping that all the business you have been trying to DESTORY files in criminal Court.
    You are a transplant to this town a weed that will get pulled. Let’s talk about the letter sent 2 L.A. Times just on this topic along with details on his tiny homes which he opened the door on his last mayor debate. How many times cops were called how they use the park as bathrooms. With water storage coming in June all the transplants will just whither away. How dare you piss ants threathen anyone. L.A. Times wants to know

      1. Hello. There is a “person” posting under Amy sux.
        THIS IS NOT ME
        Either a De Leon person or city council but it is not me. Or just a plain butt kisser
        Of course everyone has a wright 2 freedom of speech. But there are those than need a extra dose of duck tape on their leaking brain. That would b Amy sux. Guess I hit a nerver. Person is not sure if they fall under spineless or yuppie. She\he should b prayed for. RECALL DE LEON. FIRE CITY COUNCIL
        Thx u.

  4. I’m fairly certain the last three tirades were written by the same person using different names. There’s no way we have three undereducated ignorant cretins reading and replying in the same manner on the same day. There is one person, using several names, who complains about everything, assumes that everyone who disagrees with him is a newcomer to Eagle Rock, and is so behind the current times that you wonder what he is doing online besides just complaining. He’s certainly not following the progress in the Tiny Homes programs. He certainly is not driving around noticing that the tents in many areas are gone. He certainly is not attending public forums to gather current information.
    At least he provides some entertainment

    1. Also the mayor of L.A. first name is NOT Kevin. Easy mistake
      Who’s hiding behind a name now?

  5. Interesting. For the record I use my own name. And I noticed that you did not address the issue of ppl going to small business that telling them to remove signs or lose business completely. That is tritch and Colorado donuts. Well that’s their livelihood. And not to mention that tritch has been at the same place (generations)before these ppl were stains in daddy’s pants. You the city council now using Biden name(that’s a joke rite there) seem to think that this is ok. It’s not. And you are not ok.
    So before you use your big words about not a damn thing maybe you should check your own back yard. If you have any back bone you should and could stop this. I attended a city council when we all knew HUIZAR was dirty. What I saw and heard was a good tv version of romper room.
    Whoever wrote this, ur words is a CRETIN. The only entertainment you have provided is you are using Biden’s name.

    1. this is nonsense : “small business that telling them to remove signs or lose business completely.”

      no sign is gonna cause anyone to “lose business completely”

      1. Why don’t you go ask them.?
        Not losing business COMPLETELY?
        Would you prefer just spinless or yuppies

  6. I walk at the ER park at different times of the day. I have seen the sign requiring dogs to be on leash. There are some dogs on a leash, but lots are not. The dogs I have encountered not on a leash have been friendly and no problem. They tend to stay close by their owners.

  7. It’s simply amazing how if someone disagrees with the woke agenda in any way, they are immediately labeled as cretins, abused in facebook, harassed in every way possible, to the point where if you have a dissenting opinion you are physically assaulted. So much for tolerating an opposing view. The ERNC would be better suited dealing with things that affect Eagle Rock residents, than put their 2 cents in other states business. Yes, the sidewalks are cleaner now, but the tiny homes are still vacant. The cameras have gone home, and the photo op politicians have gone back in their holes. I’m glad that DeLeons banners are still hanging up opposite the park. It’s a very visible reminder of who not to vote for in the coming elections. With Garcetti not going to India and Gascon being recalled, maybe a return to normalcy is finally in sight. With the amount of criminal indictment against city council members on the rise, there may be a chance, albeit it small, that we get a council and board of supervisors, that actually think about all the people they are supposed to represent, not just the ones that line their pockets.

    1. As an “E.R. Resident” you should run for one of those open seats on the council. The instructions are right there in paragraph 3. But then again, you wouldn’t be able to complain about “opposing views” if your own views were represented by the council. I’m guessing the ability to complain from afar is more attractive than getting involved.

      1. If I were on the council, I wouldn’t complain about opposing views if my views were the ones being espoused. Duh ! It’s only those taking political “ contributions” that get elected. Follow the money when looking at councilmembers.

  8. @E.R resident…your voice is heard loud and clear. I agree with you and am encouraged that many residents are waking up and speaking up against the few that pushed their view’s during the covid isolation. We are now getting louder and more aware of this nonsense.

  9. This my take on whats going to happen in the future on Colorado blvd. When the street is changed to there program. So when the business close the properties will be bought ,the property will then be turned into apartments /condos. Look at what’s been going on Eagle Rock Blvd.

  10. I am interested to involve in council government but, how can I get the application?

  11. This update is from the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council, not LA City Council. There are no “contributions” of any kind with the Neighborhood Council. They’re all just fellow ER residents volunteering their time to help our community. Nothing is stopping you from being a part of it instead of complaining from afar.

    1. Um. Been to those meetings.
      On that meeting yrs ago 2 members joked about getting the trolley cars back. Hey we could use the monies from parking meters.
      And they were discussing what a day they had.
      Also if one or more ppl have same concerns and you are the second or third person to speak all you get is ya we have heard this all ready. So some ppl are just plain tired of being swept under the rug.
      Really didn’t know the ER council was following and yet again trying 2 shut down all public view.

  12. This update is from your friendly ERNC. Just a wholesome group of concerned residents utilizing their platform to promote crap that has nothing to do with Eagle Rock or quality of life issues. Such bold actions coming out of that team of nonsense.

    1. All of these issues are discussed publicly in meetings. If you have problems, you certainly could address them directly instead of hiding behind a newspaper comment section.

  13. Amy, If you joined the ERNC then you could address all of your concerns directly. They are taking applications now. If you’re tired of “being swept under the rug”, maybe being a part of “the rug” will change your perspective.

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