WIN vs. Gas Plant at #SchollCanyon Dump

Sponsored Content: Dirty gas plant defeated in Glendale

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The Glendale City Planning Commission meeting to consider proposed Biogas power plant at Scholl Canyon dump.

Tonight #PeoplePower prevailed as the Glendale Planning Commission voted 5-0 to prepare DENIAL of haphazard scheme to build a gas plant in the proven burn area at that city’s dump site. This dangerous & dishonest project has been in works since 2017. Thanks to more than 35 callers, all in opposition, & dozens of letter writers. Scores of EAPD members took this struggle personally & took action to make Glendale officials listen. This victory makes us safer & is a reminder of the power of community organizing. #YesWeCan #TurnDownTheGas #EndDontExtendTheDump.

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  1. Thank you to all the people who fought this on our behalf in Eagle Rock. #powertothepeople

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