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Dear Readers,

This is the continuing Story of a whole new Civilization being born right here, right now, on Earth; and of the New Humans who are helping co-create it. New Humans are Open-Hearted, Open-Minded Neighbors filled with Good Will To All. If you match this description, then you are (in our reality) a New Human with Unlimited Possibilities!

Our Intention is to focus on perceived or perceptible realities of our collectively moving from a primarily 3D (3-Dimensional, external, material focus) into a primarily 4D-focused reality. We choose to name this process “Ascension.” We could also say, Raising Our Vibratory Frequency Patterns to a new default or ‘home’ position; Raising Our Awareness and Perception into the vibratory frequencies of Intuition (inner teaching) and Empathy (feelings of connection & Oneness with all life) or Transitioning from the “Age of Information” into the “Age of Cooperation.”

Pick whatever terminology works best for you. In our reality we are collectively, NOW, in an Ascension Process. And we must also clarify, that in our reality, Ascension is not within the exclusive province of Religion or Science—but an evolutionary step for ALL. It is our current understanding that first, we will collectively transition from 3D to 4D—and eventually (perhaps hundreds of years from now– or a thousand) we will enter collectively into 5D Reality, Ascending or Waking Up to the Realization thatwe have always been Fifth Dimensional Beings with many so-called “super” abilities in physical embodiment.

However, now, we are focusing primarily upon the experiences of becoming a 4D Being: What is it like to undergo an expansion from 3D to 4D? How is 4D awareness different than 3D? Are only the “advanced,” “specially gifted” “superior,” “spiritually chosen” humans undergoing this process of Ascension, OR, Is it “the super-intelligent” or “more spiritual ones” that Wake Up first? Our answer to those last two questions is an emphatic NO! In our reality there are no “more” or “less” advanced or spiritual people, no “superior” or “inferior” beings, every single one of us is a Master Lightworker, a Conscious Creator (as we demonstrate NOW in Greater Realities).

It’s simply that we Wake Up in 3D reality at different times for a variety of reasons having to do with 1. What we wanted to accomplish or experience when we incarnated into a physical body on earth, 2. Our exact Work or Function in this Universe. “Each of us Awakens at precisely the right time and in precisely the right way for the supreme benefit of the Whole of Humanity and our Planetary Evolution,” says Timeless Wisdom (in esoteric literature often called Ageless Wisdom).

Some of us (like me) are experiencing a long, Gradual Awakening—so gradual in fact, that we might not even recognize what’s happening at first. My first 4D experience (that I can recall) occurred at age 5 and today at age 70, I’m still benefitting from this gradual process of expansion. So, we could say that for about the last 65 years, I’ve been Gradually Ascending into 4D. I am not fully Awakened in 4D. I do have the privilege of working closely with those who are far more so than I, and this is a distinct advantage anyone of us may enjoy–when we have the heart to help bring Light into this world and have entrained our bodyminds to be receptive collaborators; “Service-Able” to the Great Universal Intelligence and Beings of Light.  

There are also those (like Jonas Elrod) who experience a Sudden Awakening. You may have seen the Netflix documentary Wake Up which chronicled Jonas Elrod’s dramatic and even traumatic experiences with 4D phenomena. (These experiences were shocking and traumatic because, as he says, he was totally unprepared for them). Sadly, after a two-year run, Netflix has discontinued Wake Up, however it can still be purchased online. We will be highlighting some of Mr. Elrod’s experiences for the benefit of Sudden Awakeners. (Hopefully, you will be spared much of the shock and trauma he endured because you will be prepared).

The experience of Awakening in 4D will not and cannot be identical for every one of us because each of us is gifted with an absolutely unique identity or energetic signature, however, there will be enough similarities that sharing our experiences can be useful to others.

The 4D world, as experienced by me and many others, is one of powerful, magnetic, spiritual-emotional and magical forces in play; energies of attraction and repulsion; energies gently flowing or surging like ocean waves through bodymind from head to toe, and later, experienced as radiating rays of light or “lines” of force connecting one’s body with everything surrounding it in a vibrating, dancing “Web” of Life. In the beginning stages, 4D phenomena can be extremely subtle, tending to appear wispy and insubstantial– more like vague dream states than any sort of expanded reality. However, years into the process, 4D phenomena tend to become far more solidified, detailed, and tangible, for example, I can physically feel “body heat” emanating from 4D Beings of Light that appear in my room. At times, I have been shocked and frightened by 4D experiences because I didn’t understand them. I was fortunate to have had parents who did not pathologize my experiences, an open-minded Pastor who validated my spiritual visions and 4 & 5D Beings of Light who counseled me when to keep Silent (smile). More 4D details next month!

Be Well. Stay Safe. To Raise Vibratory Frequency: Focus in Love, Peaceful Co-Existence and Good Will To ALL! And, for the Good of All, please consider getting vaccinated.

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