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2021 Columnists Editions October

Dear Readers,

This is the continuing Story of a whole new Civilization being born right here, right now, on Earth; and of the New Humans who are helping co-create it. New Humans are Open-Hearted, Open-Minded Neighbors filled with Good Will To All. If you match this description, then you are (in our reality) a New Human with Unlimited Possibilities, Living in “The New Times.”

We have been sharing information about earth changes that are proven to NOW be affecting human hearts, brains and biofields and also about Our Collective Shift from a primarily 3D reality focus (physical, material, external reality) extending into a 4D focus (internal, emotional/spiritual, world of subtle energies and mental creations). We discussed the possibility of Gradual Awakenings (or Expansions of Awareness) and also the possibility of Sudden Awakenings.  (We’ll focus more on Sudden Awakenings next month).

To continue our focus on Gradual Awakenings: It’s important to understand that we are ALL already experiencing 4D realities to differing degrees. Have you ever “lost” yourself in a movie or book? “Lost track of the time?” If so, you were in what is technically known as a “trance state” and have actually entered into the Realm of 4D realities: The World of Creative Imaging/ Trance/ Dream States. 3D and 4D Realities overlap somewhat as frequencies of reality on “Jacob’s Ladder” (depicted in the Christian Bible as Jacob’s dream of Angels, Beings of Light, ascending and descending on a Great Ladder reaching from Earth into the heavens). We, as Beings of Light, Ascend and Descend daily on a Great Ladder of Vibratory Frequency, as we naturally enter and exit various States of Awareness. In 4D we are more conscious of this and of our bodies as electric (electronic) as well as chemical in nature.

Some of the more subtle indications of 4D experiences: As our awareness begins to extend into 4D we might find that we seem able to communicate with trees, plants, animals and that even wild animals feel safe interacting with us. We might find ourselves attracting or being attracted to new and different types of people, as we begin to “see into” or” feel” situations, past external, superficial appearances. Our ability to Focus Awareness and Pay Attention begins to noticeably increase. As we are listening to someone converse with us, we might detect shifts in their voice tones related to various parts of their personality (such as, Critical Parent, Needy Child) or see/ sense very subtle colors and shapes forming around their face, head, body. We might also begin to tangibly feel the bioenergy fields around ourselves and others. For example, we can have tactile or visceral experiences of another’s energy field as smooth/ soft/ fuzzy/ warm, or sharp/ penetrating/ prickly/ cold as it comes toward or “at” us, penetrating our biofield.  Some of us also begin to experience a particular smell or aroma where there is no apparent physical origin, such as the scent of roses where there are no roses nearby nor burning rose incense. Typically, as we extend more into the 4D realm, dreams get progressively more vivid and begin to include Teaching and Prophetic Dreams. We may begin to keep a dream or personal journal with dates, times, places of experiences to have tangible proof of our Pre-cognitive/ Learning Experiences in 4D, as well as Dialogs with our Guardians, Guides, Mentors. We might also find ourselves in detailed, alternate realities in trance/dream states.

Naturally, the 4D Realities, also called the Astral (Starry) Planes, are not all sweetness and light. There are definitely more and less lovely Astral Frequencies or “places” to visit and beings to encounter. In 4D we will Encounter our own Thought Creations/ Creatures and the parts of ourselves we would like to disown or deny, as well as the most excellent parts of ourselves that we can’t even believe exist!  In 4D, “Thoughts Are Things” or out-pictured as Objects, Surroundings, Beings, and Experiences. There can be no hiding from the truth of our feelings in 4D, although until we’re more experienced, there can definitely be illusions, so we should not rush to judgment nor leap to conclusions! We must First Observe and Learn.

It is easy to assume that 4D experiences are happening TO US, instead of emanating FROM US as our own thought creations, and conclude that “they” (our own psychological projections) are “evil.” When a person blind from birth first becomes able to see, they do not see as those who have been sighted from birth. It takes the brain time to adjust to light and to cognitively grasp shapes and meanings attached to them; this is even more true in 4D!

We would like to acknowledge that what is perfectly natural or “normal” for one person (based upon many experiences) will seem and be extraordinary for another. It’s true that as we extend more and more into 4D Realities, what we once considered far-out, scary, freakish, unnatural or even malevolent, gets integrated into a Whole, “New Normal.” The first few times we experience, say, Beings of Light glide through the walls of our room and begin to telepathically converse with us, our minds might be blown! It’s natural to think we might be crazy. Of course, in the 3D bodybrain, there are medical conditions such as psychosis and delirium, so we should definitely get medically checked. That said, I have worked within most of the psychiatric centers in Southern California over more than 30 years and my work included 5150 evaluations for psychiatric hospitalizations. I assure you that I can tell and competent doctors, nurses, and mental health professionals can differentiate psychotic episodes from those individuals experiencing a Spiritual Emergence. Welcome to the New Times!

To Be Well and Stay Safe: Raise Vibratory Frequency by Focusing in Love, Peaceful Co-Existence and Good Will To ALL!

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