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2022 Carolyn Caswell Columnists Editions November

Dear Readers,

This is the continuing Story of a whole New Civilization being born right here, right now, on Earth; and of the New Humans who are helping co-create it. New Humans are Open-Hearted, Open-Minded Neighbors filled with Good Will To All. If you match this description, then you are (in our reality) a New Human with Unlimited Possibilities, Living in “The New Times.” 

We have been sharing information about earth changes that are NOW affecting ALL life on Earth including human hearts, brains and biofields. We have also been discussing the Collective Shift of Humanity from a primarily 3D reality focus (external, physical, material, looking at something, weighing, measuring, calculating, material facts, linear reality) extending further into a 4D focus (inner world of emotions, subtle energies, looking into something, biofields, ghosts, angels, mental constructs, codes, symbols, synchronicities, opposites in conflict like Good v. Evil) and gradually, into a 5D focus (profound peace, collective genius, tele-empathy at will, win-win solutions, paradoxes and conflicts resolved; non-linear realities, integration, harmony, beauty, divine love, celestial family). When we say 4 and 5D we are speaking in Celestial Code or Star Language, not in the language of “mainstream” science.

Your birthdate is a Celestial Code or Key that connects you with a Constellation (Group of Stars, Intelligences) which can also be thought of as a particular School of Knowledge or Expertise and also as your Celestial, Galactic, Soul Family. Each Constellation has a Foundational Sacred Task to perform in Co-Creating New Earth.

If your birthdate is (Oct 23-Nov 21) you are a Shining Sun-Star of the Constellation Scorpio,  “The Scorpion,“The Eagle,” & “The Phoenix.”  You are The Masters of Emotional Transformation; Masters and Investigators of The Plutonian Underworld of Darkness, “The Belly of the Whale.”

Having passed the **9 Tests of Mars, you are therefore Charged with the Tasks of First Experiencing, then Initiating and Teaching Others to Demonstrate Mastery of the Pathway of Light in Darkness to The New (A)eon. The New Times include many Geo-Political, Social, Spiritual and Psi Changes that will first Distress, Depress, and then Regenerate suffering humanity. (**The 9 Tests of Mars are Trials in the Areas of: Sex, Comfort, Money, Fear, Hatred, Love of Power, Pride, Separateness, and Cruelty).

Further, the Scorpio Constellation “Legal Eagles” (U.S. Exemplars: Atty. General, Merrick Garland; Prosecutor Fani T.Willis & Congressman Eric Swalwell) are also Charged with actively Investigating, Exposing, and Prosecuting corruption in the U.S. with Scorpio Constellation Phoenix, President Joe Biden, leading the way. You are among the very best of Investigators, Leaders, Initiators and Guides for The New (A)eon that we are living in NOW–Here are more signs of New Earth Rising and 4D becoming visible to All:

About 3 in 4 Americans Believe in the Paranormal (As reported by Gallup News Service Princeton, NJ, 2011)

77% of adults believe that angels or ethereal beings are real (Associated Press Poll)

54% of Americans believe in psychic or spiritual healing or the power of the human mind to heal the body.” (AP Poll)

50% of Americans believe in ESP or extrasensory perception” (AP Poll)

58% of 18-24-year-olds say they believe astrology is a science and nearly half of all Americans feel astrology is “very” or “sort of” scientific. (UPI, Survey released by the National Science Foundation, 2014. (2015 re-polling numbers differ due to changed wording and parameters of the poll) (We say Astrology is a Celestial Wisdom Code).

46% say they believe in ghosts (IPSOS: Independent Polling System of Society, 2019)

75% of Americans believe that “life of some form” exists elsewhere in the universe. (Gallup Poll)

49% of Americans believe there are people “somewhat like ourselves” living on other planets. (Gallup Poll)

41% of Americans believe that some spacecraft in our skies are alien. (Gallup)

Paranormal is the New Normal in America!

A parade of paranormal entertainment filling American screens from the movie Paranormal Activity 2 to television shows such as Ghost Hunters, Psychic Investigators and Paranormal State, is meeting an intense interest in otherworldly experiences, new research shows.”

Sociologists Christopher Bader and F. Carson Mencken of Baylor University and Joseph Baker of Tennessee State University report that “Two thirds of Americans have paranormal beliefs. And the interest is only expected to increase, with growth of immigrant populations more open to paranormal beliefs. Put another way, paranormal phenomena have entered the mainstream. What we can say with certainty is that paranormal is normal.”

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Raise your vibratory frequency, radiate more light, relax and refresh. To Be Well and Stay Safe: Raise Vibratory Frequency of Self, Community and Planet by Focusing in Love, Peaceful Co-Existence and Good Will To ALL.  

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