“The Integratron,” (note spelling is correct. I find the name a bit awkward, but spelling is accurate—I double and triple checked). Carolyn Caswell, MFT, M. Msc.

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2023 Carolyn Caswell Columnists Editions March

Dear Readers,

This is the continuing Story of a whole New Civilization being born right here, right now, on Earth; and of the New Humans who are helping co-create it. New Humans are Open-Hearted, Open-Minded Neighbors filled with Good Will To All. If you match this description, then you are (in our reality) a New Human with Unlimited Possibilities, Living in “The New Times.” 

We have been sharing information about earth changes that are NOW affecting ALL life on Earth including human hearts, brains and biofields. We have also been discussing the Collective Shift of Humanity from a primarily 3D reality focus (external, physical, material, “looking at” something, weighing, measuring, calculating, material facts, linear reality) extending further into a 4D focus (inner world of emotions, “looking into” something, bio energy fields, ghosts, angels, jinn, mental constructs, codes, symbols) and gradually, into a 5D focus (profound peace, collective genius, tele-empathy at will, win-win solutions, integration, harmony, beauty, divine love, celestial family). When we say 4 and 5D we are speaking in Celestial Code or Star Language, not in the language of “mainstream” science, which is still in its infancy, from a galactic perspective.

Your birthdate is a Celestial Code or Key that connects you with a Constellation (Group of Stars, Celestial Intelligences,) which can also be thought of as a particular School of Knowledge or Expertise and also as your Celestial, Galactic, Soul Family. Each Constellation has a Foundational Sacred Task to perform in Co-Creating New Earth. 

If you were born (Feb 19-Mar 19) you are a Shining SunStar of Constellation Pisces “The Fish.” You are The New Earth Inspirited Water Masters **Avatars, Advisors, Artists (Musicians & Poets too) Architects and “First Contact Specialists.” You are Charged with overseeing Interstellar Energy Portals (in Co-Operation with Constellations Aquarius, Libra, Gemini. Sagittarius and Aries) as well as “Interstellar Guest Relations” and you will be among the first volunteers to be trained as “First Contact Specialists.” Further, you are the Artists and Architects of the **New Earth Venusian Temples of Rejuvenation, New Earth Enlightened Birthing Centers and **New Earth Advanced Learning Centers, in antiquity called “Sun Temples” (Teaching Temples, **“Konark”) in India. You are to Design and Build these Temples in the Star Sanctuary Cities, where all will have access to humanity’s true Origin Story and can enjoy experiences of peace, bliss, mindfulness, meditation, & prayer (beyond confines of dogmatic religious and political dictatorships). All will be able to fully experience the benefits of the Integration of the Whole, Ensouled Personality (along with its advanced abilities). Further, you are to learn how to raise and nurture children in accordance with Cosmic, Divine or Universal Laws. You are the Ideal Teachers of the New Earth Kids and are also Charged with Creating Spiritual Festivals, Gatherings and Events that will Honor & Unite all Ages, Religions, & Cultures Worldwide in Loving Co-Existence and Active Co-Operation: “One Earth, One Humanity, One Spirit.”

We will Unite, NOT as a ‘One World, Global Dictatorship’ (as is often deliberately misrepresented by Dark Forces, who are psychologically projecting their own desires for world economic & religious domination, resisting our collective, evolutionary Ascension to benefit themselves at our expense) but a Worldwide, Inspirited, Free Will, Loving, Tele-Empathic “Family” where Unity is Found Within and Diversity Honored by All. “E Pluribus Unum,” the original motto of our country, means “From the Many, ONE.” We will become as ONE People, foreseen by our Founding Fathers, who were inspired by Celestial Light Beings: Those who have always guided Earth’s Evolution and are responsible for the founding and protection of our Free Nation, to the degree that we will allow them to do so, by the free choices we make collectively.

 **Avatar: From the Sanskrit word Avatara, meaning “Descent.” Our definition: A Divine Teacher (A 5D Akashic Human, who has Awakened to the Divinity Withinand in ALL).

 **Venusian Temples of Rejuvenation: (See above photo of the prototype, “The Integratron,” found right here in Southern California, in 3D). For the story behind the Rejuvenation Temple prototype, read on.  

The Integratron—Another Sign of New Earth Materializing in 3D!

 The Integra.tron, a fascinating structure located in Southern California near Landers in the Mojave Desert, has been called “The fusion of Art, Science & Magic.” Is it a Venusian Rejuvenation Temple—the first prototype of Temples that will be built around the world in the Star Sanctuary Cities of our collective future? You decide. As always, the choice is yours.

 The story goes (there are many versions of this story and we don’t have space to give the FULL,  verified, account) that George Van Tassel, a former pilot and aviation engineer, first with Douglas Aircraft, then with Hughes and Lockheed, was involved in flight testing near Barstow, where he was attracted to the “clean air, the intense, quiet nights, and outdoor living in the desert.” After the war, George Van Tassel purchased the land around Giant Rock, moved there with his family, and began operating a small airport and inn. It is said that in 1952 he began meditating in the former “cave home” (under Giant Rock!) of a brilliant desert “eccentric,” following his friend’s tragic death. In 1953, Van Tassel claimed he had encounters, first telepathically and then “in person” with ”Venusians” and finally with “the Captain of a Venusian scout ship, named Solganda, who claimed to be 700 years old, according to a New York Times article, Jody Rosen, April 20, 2014. Van Tassel was ushered into the space craft, where he was given a formula to build a remarkable machine, a device that would “generate electrostatic energy to suspend the laws of gravity, extend human life, and facilitate high-speed time travel.” According to Van Tassel, the spaceman looked human and no older than 28, wore a gray, one-piece body suit and spoke in the ‘best’ English.

Named The Integratron, the rejuvenation machine project consumed Van Tassel for years, although he did not complete it before his death in 1978. To pay for The Integratron, Van Tassel held annual conventions where as many as (by some reports) 11,000 people gathered in the desert to share and discuss their personal experiences with UFOS, extraterrestial/ ultraterrestrial contacts, and other strange, anomalous, and extraordinary experiences.

Today the legacy continues through an annual convention called “Contact in the Desert” sponsored by some of the creators of the T.V. series, Ancient Aliens. This event, now hosting an international attendance, is no longer (sadly) held at the original site in Joshua Tree near Giant Rock, however several of us were able to attend the last one held there, where those attending the Night Skywatch event had an incredible opportunity to experience a sighting of a verified UFO (i.e., scientists monitoring instruments to rule out satellites, etc., with all participants using night vision goggles) which was both a contact and an exchange of “Greetings,” via simple flash and response signals.  (**Interesting Side note: George Van Tassel, and Giorgio Tsoukalos, star of the Ancient Aliens Series, are both Constellation Pisces Suns, Exemplars of “First Contact Specialists” and “Interstellar Guest Relations” (as was Albert Einstein and Jesus, The Avatar of the (A)eon of Pisces, “The Fish.” Timeless Wisdom says Jesus,** “The Christ” (**an ancient and encoded title) is The Great Example, not The Great Exception, of Who we truly are: 5D Humans operating in 3D bodies).

There are many differing points of view regarding the Integratron, ranging from the idea that it’s nothing more than a “relic of the past,” interesting, but created just to reassure people who were living through a turbulent time in our history, to our point of view, based upon Timeless Wisdom: The Integratron was never meant to be completed by George Van Tassel, or it would have been completed by him; rather it was allowed to be built, just short of completion, to stand as a Silent Sentinel, a Beacon leading us into our collective future. We were not ready for it then and we are not ready for it now, but the time is coming soon when we will be! To learn more about The Integratron and public events offered there (Sound Baths) go to www. integraton.com. (Full Disclosure: We have no financial interest in the Integratron).

Want to Regularly Raise Your Energy Frequencies to enjoy states of Profound Peace, Relaxation, Mindbody Integration, and Illumination? Join New Earth Co-Creators, Every 3rd Sunday at 11:00 AM, to enjoy Free Crystal Singing Bowl Soundbaths and Vibratory Attunement at: Builders of the Adytum, 5150 N. Figueroa Street, 90042. Free parking located in the back, leading directly to the entrance. Remember: “When We Align with Universal Forces, Everything Elevates and Improves”. And as Steven M. Greer, M.D. (of CSETI) says,

                                        “One Universe, One People.”

To Be Well and Stay Safe: Raise Vibratory Frequency of Self, Community and Planet by Focusing in Love, Peaceful Co-Existence, Mutual Respect and Good Will To ALL! 

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