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Dear Readers, 

This is the continuing Story of a whole new Civilization being born right here, right now, on Earth; and of the New Humans who are helping co-create it. New Humans are Open-Hearted, Open-Minded Neighbors filled with Good Will To All. If you match this description, then you are (in our reality) a New Human with Unlimited Possibilities!

 We continue to share with you Pleiadian Prophecies 2020 (through James Carwin, received in 2014, published in 2016) to Prepare our Community for a Time of Great Changes some of which may be coming very quickly:

“Dear Friends, it is our pleasure to share with you the coming changes to your physical bodies. As you may know, the universe is structured in layers, bands of frequencies that separate different levels of consciousness into different realities. You are currently in the process of ‘climbing’ this frequency ladder. Aeons ago, as you measure time on Earth, humanoids that existed then had their DNA infused with the genetic material of a very advanced race of beings. They were biotechnology experts that had engineered a robust immune system for themselves. By altering humanoid DNA, they bestowed upon you (collectively) physiological features, strengths and abilities. You carry these genetic programs within you now, although they are referred to as ‘junk DNA’ by your scientists, and are in a latent state in most of you at this time (c.2014).

“You are NOW in an ascension process, which will activate more and more of your DNA. In this ‘Splitting Prism of Time’ your physical body will begin to upgrade on all levels as your latent DNA toggles to the ‘on’ position. You are shifting from a 3D (dimensional or density) consciousness to a 4 dimensional, or 4D state of being. We cannot list every change you have coming, but we can assure you that your crystalline 4D body will be much different than the body you have now: Your brain will operate more efficiently and quickly, your muscles will be able to lift heavier weights, you will be able to run faster. Most 4D bodies will only require 2 or 3 hours of sleep and considerably less food, therefore you will sleep less and weigh less, since food (in 4D) is 100% converted to energy, with no waste! The most exciting difference between your 3D and 4D bodies to us is your nervous system. Currently your body carries more receptors for pain than pleasure. In 4D this will no longer be the case. You will become less sensitive to pain while becoming more sensitive to pleasure and beauty.

 “Most of you will become more empathic, intuitive and telepathic, coming into a psychic rapport with your mother planet. You will be able to communicate with her and attune with her energetic currents at all times. Therefore, by 2025, you will find that death due to natural disasters will be greatly diminished. When you start noticing yourself and others having an increasingly instinctual connection with Mother Earth, you will know the Golden Age is coming. Your 4D body will still be 75% physical and 25% light.”

Due to the increase of psychic and empathic abilities and telepathic experiences on your planet, we believe there will be much chaos and confusion that will arise. The window of time around 2018-2020, will be years of great adventure for some while being years of outrage for others. Those who wish to stay within limited 3D perceptions in order to maintain their power or status will become very upset. Once these highly conservative individuals begin to see those around themselves transcending old beliefs and traditions, they will exert violence in an attempt to suppress the ascending world around them. Nevertheless, the highest probability for ascension, as we gauge your collective energy now (2014) will be between 2020 and 2025, with 2022 being most likely. The more each of you keep your thoughts positive and emotions elevated the sooner the grand transition can occur.

 These coming probabilities are being shared so that Together, we can Envision a Golden Future for Ourselves and ASSIST with Co-Creating a more Humane and Prosperous World for ALL! Perhaps it is part of your destiny to assist in this effort.

 Look us up next month for MORE information about Alpha Earth and what it’s like living as a 4D person! Learn (from some of your neighbors in Highland Park) the changes we are NOW undergoing! Until then, Be Well. Stay Safe. Stay Focused in Love, Peace, & Good Will To All.  

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