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Dear Readers, 

This is the continuing Story of a whole new Civilization being born right here, right now, on Earth; and of the New Humans who are helping co-create it. New Humans are Open-Hearted, Open-Minded Neighbors filled with Good Will To All. If you match this description, then you are (in our reality) a New Human with Unlimited Possibilities!

 For the last few months we have been sharing with you Pleiadian Prophecies 2020 (through James Carwin) to Prepare our Community for a Time of Great Changes, Wonderful Changes some of which may be coming very quickly, some here NOW!

So, what’s happening to us collectively right now that earth scientists can actually study and measure in 3D (the physical world)? The Schumann Resonances (*SRs) — electromagnetic (*EM) standing waves sometimes called “earth’s heartbeat”– are currently “spiking” when for many years they were stabilized at 7.83 Hz. In 2014 (the year James Carwin received Pleiadian Prophecies 2020) the SRs began spiking, first to around 15 Hz then 25 Hz, to 30- 36 Hz (scientists say “unusual”) to 64 Hz, to a record peak of 158 Hz–never before recorded by scientists monitoring SRs.

 What might this mean? Some scientists say, “It means nothing.” (Hint: Brainwaves at 38-40 Hz and above, called Gamma Waves, have been scientifically correlated with Super-Brain Processing and Bursts of Insight). Scientists actually testing this effect on the human mindbody complex, have scientifically demonstrated that SRs definitely affect our heart rate & brain frequencies. So it appears that our mindbody complex– from brainwaves to biorhythms to our various states of consciousness– could conceivably be affected by these SR “spikes,” since it’s proven our hearts & brains synchronize with earth’s *EM waves. (Further validity-testing is in progress).

The resonance of our planet is definitely spiking; amplitudes more than quadrupling since 2014! Therefore, we might reasonably consider that, collectively, we may be feeling effects. I currently believe (based upon my own 4D expansion and that of many others) that our latent DNA is being activated, as the Pleiadians foretold, and that as a planet, we are moving from an awareness mostly focused in the 3D physical world into a permanent state of 4D awareness or “Waking Up” out of the hypnotic world of physical phenomena, drama and trauma; a “sleeping state” compared to where we are heading! (More detailed information coming soon, watch this space.)

 To “Wake Up,” is defined (by us) as “To become more aware and compassionate of the feelings, the struggles and perspectives of ‘others’— ALL ‘others’ including people outside our tribe, race, ethnicity. country, comfort zones, church, religion, political party, plants, animals, the environment, planet, universe.  “Waking Up,” we are readily able to detect lies and attempts to highjack our ability to think more objectively, lucidly,  independently and for the good of ALL. We begin to feel and know that we are ALL ONE FAMILY; that what harms or helps ONE affects us ALL and the planet.

 Awakening, we are also more aware of the natural transitions between brain frequencies or “awareness levels “that have always been occurring naturally, but have gone unnoticed or unrecognized by most because of mind-conditioning to not see” tonot notice” that which would upset the status quo of the powers who traditionally tend to validate and empower only “the privileged few” to control “the many.” Soon this dynamic will END, because it MUST END for our collective survival as well as the survival of our planet and the universe. The tide has already turned–Take Heart!

There is NO NEED to FEAR “Waking Up” or “Ascension.” Cultivate Courage! We need not worry about pain or about losing anything of real value to us (including our individuality) unless what we most value is our self-centered hatred, fear, greed; Unless we are focused on controlling “others” rather than exercising self-control.

 Not all of us will Awaken at once: Some are Fully Awake, some are in various Stages of Awakening and others will Begin soon! (More about this in future columns).

 Look us up next month for MORE information about what it’s like living as a 4D person! Learn (from some of your neighbors in Highland Park) about the changes we (and maybe you, too) are NOW undergoing! Until then, Be Well. Stay Safe. Stay Focused in Love, Peaceful Co-Existence, Mutual Respect & Good Will To All.

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