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Dear Readers,

This is the continuing Story of a whole New Civilization being born right here, right now, on Earth; and of the New Humans who are helping co-create it. New Humans are Open-Hearted, Open-Minded Neighbors filled with Good Will To All. If you match this description, then you are (in our reality) a New Human with Unlimited Possibilities, Living in “The New Times.” 

We have been sharing information about earth changes that are NOW affecting ALL life on Earth including human hearts, brains and biofields. We have also been discussing the Collective Shift of Humanity from a primarily 3D reality focus (external, physical, material, “looking at” something, weighing, measuring, calculating, material facts, linear reality) extending further into a 4D focus (inner world of emotions, “looking into” something, bio energy fields, ghosts, angels, jinn, mental constructs, codes, symbols) and gradually, into a 5D focus (profound peace, collective genius, tele-empathy at will, win-win solutions, integration, harmony, beauty, divine love, celestial family). When we say 4 and 5D we are speaking in Celestial Code or Star Language, not in the language of “mainstream” science.

Your birthdate is a Celestial Code or Key that connects you with a Constellation (Group of Stars, Celestial Intelligences) which can also be thought of as a particular School of Knowledge or Expertise and also as your Celestial, Galactic, Soul Family. Each Constellation has a Foundational Sacred Task to perform in Co-Creating New Earth. 

If you were born (Dec 21-Jan 19) you are a Shining SunStar of Constellation Capricorn “The Goat.” You are The New Earth Masters of The Ascension Process. Expert *Climbers of the *Great Mystic Mountain, (*codes for Awakening & Ascension) you are able to “See” 360 degrees in every direction from the *Peak (*Code for In-Sight into The Divine Order, a Universal, Fair & Just Benevolence). Therefore, you are Charged with Conserving, Preserving and Salvaging the very best of everything from Old Earth Culture while at the same time, Supporting the New Earth Architects: Social, Spiritual, Political, Scientific, and Artistic Innovators of The New Times. Sure-footed Constellation Capricorn Goats make it to the Top of the *Mystic Mountain (*code “Climbing Jacob’s Ladder” Awakening) because you have practical knowledge of the Equipment, the Survival Skills and the rock-steady Perseverance necessary, not only for Physical Survival, but for the Divine Completion: Wholeness, the Whole Soul-Personality. You are therefore, further Charged with demonstrating and sharing this knowledge with ALL throughout the challenging times of the New (A)eon of Aquarius that we have now entered.

More Signs of New Earth Rising in 2023! “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” ~ Theodore Hook

We invite you to come “fly” with us around the world to “Look Into” some exciting inventions and innovations that are NOW being applied to our global problems:

Re-engineering Waste!  Rubbish Isn’t Useless—It can be converted into something entirely new such as:

Free Health Care: Indonesia allows people to trade valuable rubbish for access to doctors—a grand idea that simultaneously tackles poverty, health care roadblocks and pollution in poor countries.

Home Heating: Italy ships 70,000 tons of trash to Austria a year where it’s burned and converted to electricity.

New Roads: One way to become a zero-plastic society? Follow India’s lead, and take the plastic rubbish, turning it into material that can be used to pave roads.

Microscopic Dust: Thrown-out electronics are choking landfills worldwide—but smashing them into nano-bits to create new materials might be easier and better than recycling.

Train Infrastructure: A railway car made from a mix of concrete and old tires increases durability, is quieter and re-uses 35 tons of waste for each kilometer of rail line.

Harnessing Nature!

Wind-Powered Railways: Dutch trains now run 100% on wind power.

Monster Ships made from Fiber: Current cargo ships are expensive and bad for the environment. The EU is making huge, futuristic, recyclable ships from fiber instead of steel.

Pollution-monitoring Moss: The EU is turning to a cheap, clean, easy-to-install sensor for contaminated air: Cloned Moss!

Skyscrapers that morph wind and sunlight into energy: New York is working to turn America’s biggest city into a “climate laboratory” to save money and energy.

Super Plants: More than 28,000 plant species are currently available for medicine—but fewer than 13% of them are regularly being used in studies in regulatory publications. China is one country taking advantage of that other 87% to save lives by incorporating more traditional Chinese medicine in their healthcare system (as of 2020).

Repelling Pests: Botanists around the globe are mixing ordinary food crops with wild ones found in Earth’s remote corners, enabling farmers to find that they can use less insecticide.

–As reported in the BBC, Brian Lufkin, September, 2017 

There is so much more going on. In upcoming columns we will share more current as well as future innovations. In this new year, we’ll also Look Into the Rise of the Sage Elders and check-out the exciting New Earth Millennials and Alpha Generation’s New Earth Kids!

 Tune-Up the City of Angels 2023—that’s Our Goal and Mandate. We are guided to sponsor pop-up events to make bodymind tune-ups available– in this very special window of time–Free to anyone in Los Angeles who wants them! Look for our Forest Green, “Terrace Knoll New Earth Rejuvenation Station” (Tent) around town. “When Bodymind is Aligned with Universal Forces, Everything Elevates & Improves!”

To Be Well and Stay Safe: Raise Vibratory Frequency of Self, Community and Planet by Focusing in Love, Peaceful Co-Existence, Mutual Respect and Good Will To ALL

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