Carolyn Caswell, MFT, M. Msc. and Dr. Hershel Toomim, inventor of HEG, in lower right of image.

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2022 Carolyn Caswell Columnists December Editions

Dear Readers,

This is the continuing Story of a whole New Civilization being born right here, right now, on Earth; and of the New Humans who are helping co-create it. New Humans are Open-Hearted, Open-Minded Neighbors filled with Good Will To All. If you match this description, then you are (in our reality) a New Human with Unlimited Possibilities, Living in “The New Times.” 

We have been sharing information about earth changes that are NOW affecting ALL life on Earth including human hearts, brains and biofields. We have also been discussing the Collective Shift of Humanity from a primarily 3D reality focus (external, physical, material, “looking at” something, weighing, measuring, calculating, material facts, linear reality) extending further into a 4D focus (inner world of emotions, “looking into” something, bio energy fields, ghosts, angels, jinn, mental constructs, codes, symbols) and gradually, into a 5D focus (profound peace, collective genius, tele-empathy at will, win-win solutions, integration, harmony, beauty, divine love, celestial family). When we say 4 and 5D we are speaking in Celestial Code or Star Language, not in the language of “mainstream” science.

Your birthdate is a Celestial Code or Key that connects you with a Constellation (Group of Stars, Intelligences) which can also be thought of as a particular School of Knowledge or Expertise and also as your Celestial, Galactic, Soul Family. Each Constellation has a Foundational Sacred Task to perform in Co-Creating New Earth. 

If you were born (Nov 21-Dec 20) you are a Shining SunStar of Constellation Sagittarius, “The Archer.” You are The Stellar Travelers, New Earth Prophets, Masters of Fiery Intuition & Material Manifestation and Mentors to Groups of Teachers of Humanity during the upheavals that we are now experiencing. Together, those New Humans who are ready for advanced ways of thinking and living will find you and the specialized knowledge that they need to Begin or to Continue Awakening. Out of this process of worldwide collaboration (a.k.a Neural Synchrony or 5-D Telempathic Mind-Links) New Goals will move us toward a Consensus Sharing Society—not governmentally enforced sharing, as in socialism or communism but telepathic-empathic sharing of realities, experiences, and perspectives that will naturally lead to a Conscious Choice to Share and Care because we will, literally, experience ourselves as ONE Family with ALL LIFE—on Earth– and in the Universe!

“Brain Brightening” Another Sign of New Earth Rising in 3D!

I want to share my exciting adventure with an Aquarian (A)eon Invention called “Brain Brightening,” also known by its more technical name, HEG (which stands for Hemo (Blood) Encephalo (Brain) Graphy (to record– blood flow & oxygenation within the brain) and sometimes referred to under the umbrella term Neurofeedback. 

It’s 2006 and I’m still working as a psychotherapist with severely mentally and emotionally disturbed persons– and have been doing so for many years. I’m experiencing exhaustion (compassion fatigue) and still have a few years to go until retirement. My bodymind is sluggish, I’m feeling drained, numb and my brain is, literally, slowing down. In meditation I get guidance to research existing technology to see if there is a drug-free way to stimulate or re-train the brain. That’s how I get to meet a wonderful and extraordinary man, Dr. Hershel Toomim, inventor of HEG, and his team of experts Dr. Stephanie DuPont (now Hershel’s successor) and Engineer Bob Marsh, the dedicated staff at Los Angeles Biofeedback Institute.

Back then, “the Institute” was located at Hershel’s private residence in West Los Angeles: I can still see the den filled with equipment, Stephanie assisting Hershel (who, then in his 90’s, is mentally sharp and vibrant) and Bob Marsh out in the garage, busily building handheld HEG machines that will soon be available to the public. It’s an exciting place to be–with scientists–some from around the world–dropping by for stimulating conversations and consultations.

I begin treatment, which involves a battery of pre-tests (and later, post-tests) then scheduling a series of 8 sessions, 1 per week. I find the sessions pleasurable and refreshing. There is a subtle sensation of “exercising” my brain. The protocol consists of a headband placed on my forehead. (There is no electrical shock or sensation of any kind). Then, I select an image I enjoy, which is downloaded to a large TV screen (my favorite is a bird soaring over soothing landscapes of ocean and mountain). With the headband on, my only instruction is to “keep the bird flying.” When the bird begins losing altitude, I think “up” until it rises again, thus guiding the oxygenated bloodflow in my brain to circulate optimally. Within 8 weeks I am new person—with a “brighter brain” and outlook on life! (Full Disclosure: I have no financial interest in HEG products)

According to neuro scientists, HEG neurofeedback can be a superior method to EEG (Electro.encephalo.graph) for the treatment of ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder) depression and migraine training, since it’s much simpler to set up and monitor.

HEG is now transforming whole generations of Elders and ADD/ADHD Kids without toxic chemicals or side-effects, just in time for The Great Awakening of the New Aquarian Aeon!

Raise your vibratory frequency, radiate more light, relax and refresh. To Be Well and Stay Safe: Raise Vibratory Frequency of Self, Community and Planet by Focusing in Love, Peaceful Co-Existence and Good Will To ALL.  

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