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2022 April Carolyn Caswell Columnists Editions

Dear Readers,

This is the continuing Story of a whole New Civilization being born right here, right now, on Earth; and of the New Humans who are helping co-create it. New Humans are Open-Hearted, Open-Minded Neighbors filled with Good Will to All. If you match this description, then you are (in our reality) a New Human with Unlimited Possibilities, Living in “The New Times.” 

We have been sharing information about earth changes that are proven to NOW be affecting ALL life on Earth including human hearts, brains and biofields. We have also been discussing the Collective Shift of Humanity from a primarily 3D reality focus (external, physical, material, linear reality) extending into a 4D focus (internal, subtle energies, biofields, magnetic tides, mental creations, opposites in conflict like Good v. Evil, non-linear realities, time paradoxes) and gradually, into a 5D focus (profound peace, unity, collective genius at will; paradoxes and conflicts resolved; integration, harmony, beauty, divine love, celestial family).

Last month we looked into the difference between Stereotypes and Archetypes. (To recap briefly: Stereotypes are very limited, devitalized ideas, whereas their opposite, Archetypes, are Living Ideas underlying all Creation, emanating from the Great Universal Mind, and therefore gain in strength, brilliance and wisdom over time). We explored the Sacred Zodiacal Circle as 12 Living Archetypes or Celestial Codes and explored the Sacred Number 12, as a Code embedded within all the major religions (ethical/moral/soul development systems) of Earth.

All Timeless Soul Systems are based upon Great, Cosmic, Natural Laws of Creation. The religions that “die out” do so because they were either never solidly built upon these Great Laws, or could not maintain a vibrational attunement (coherence) with them. Astrology was, according to the Primordial Tradition, the Original Religion of the Stars given to humankind by the Celestials: the “7 Angels Before the Throne,” Beings of Light, ETs, Elder Races, Progenitors.

Last month, we also talked about our Ancient Ancestors, the “Suns of Good” (today, post-patriarchy some say, “Sons of God”) who were also called “The Suns of the ONE… the ONE above all name and form.” As human beings Awaken, we begin to look just like miniature Suns to clairvoyant (4-5D) Sight. Therefore, to the extent we are in the process of Awakening, we are gradually transforming ourselves into Brilliant, Scintillating Suns in 4 and 5D… and beyond!

Your birthdate is a Celestial Code or Key that connects you with a Constellation (Group of Stars) which can also be thought of as a particular School of Knowledge or Expertise and also as your Celestial, Galactic, Soul Family for the duration of your life in a 3D body. Each Constellation has a Foundational Sacred Task to perform in Restoring Eden, Co-Creating New Earth, or “birthing” the New, more Empathic, Compassionate, Inclusive and Kind Civilization.

If you were born (Mar 20-Apr 18) You are a Shining Sun of the Constellation Aries, “The Ram.” You are the Pioneers, the Initiators and the Spiritual Warriors of the New Civilization. You are to gather groups of like-minds together to follow the First, Foundational Steps you are creating. You will then hand the tasks over to those who can Build and Sustain the Ideas coming through you. You Are Charged with the task of utilizing your Spiritual Warrior Skills to create a more just, inclusive society: To defend the rights of the weak, the vulnerable, the disenfranchised; to create boundaries between constructive and destructive behaviors, actions.

One question that can arise is, “What if I don’t WANT to do this task?” Our answer is: There is nothing you must do. Rather, if you are a Sun of Constellation Aries, you will facilitate these tasks just by being true to yourself. You carry a very specific and potent Energetic Signature, and unless you become so dysfunctional that you fall totally out of coherence with your Original  Nature, you cannot fail to perform. Earth is a Divine (Excellent) Success Process for ALL.

Also, the Task to be accomplished, while belonging to your Soul Family, is uniquely yours because no two Suns of Aries have the same Energetic Signature or Patterns of Energy in their Sacred Zodiacal Circle at birth. Your Sacred Circle includes every planet of the Zodiac, not just The Sun. Therefore, no two Suns of any constellation are identical, just as no two thumbprints are identical. You are absolutely unique in this Universe and will find that there are as many ways to accomplish Your Task as there are individuals working with you to accomplish it. You do not walk or work alone. You are supported by your Galactic Family.

Though you may not remember, you volunteered to participate in this Great Endeavor, at this particular “address” in Space-Time, 3D Reality. Therefore, when engaged fully in your Task, you will naturally feel most authentically yourself, most fulfilled, most empowered.

To Be Well and Stay Safe: Raise Vibratory Frequency of Self, Community and Planet by Focusing in Love, Peaceful Co-Existence and Good Will To ALL.

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