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2021 April Columnists

Dear Readers, 

This is the continuing Story of a whole new Civilization being born right here, right now, on Earth; and of the New Humans that are helping co-create it. New Humans are Open-Hearted, Open-Minded Neighbors filled with Good Will Toward All. If you match this description, then you are (in our reality) a New Human with Unlimited Possibilities!

We continue to share with youPleiadian Prophecies 2020 (through James Carwin published in 2016) to Prepare our communities for a Time of Great Changes, some of which may becoming very quickly:

Technological Changes: The technological changes coming to your world are too many to list; we can share an overview, however one critical change that MUST occur on your planet is the integration of technology and nature. Currently many technologies are harmful or destructive to yourselves and the environment. This, of course, is not suitable for a Golden Age. Around 2018 an awakening to greater environmentally conscious innovations may arise. You are moving back into a more wholesome relationship with nature. The overview: We see flying cars, holographic technologies, matter and energy manipulation, and the possibility of confirmation of multidimensionality coming by 2050. Eventually, you will have free purified drinking water, free food, free transportation and free homes. All that is considered essential for basic survival will become abundant on your planet and available freely to all people no later than 2050. The majority of your machines will be powered by some source of electromagnetic energy, derived from your magnetosphere, including automobiles and all other types of electronic devices. Once unlimited energy is established (possibly around 2024) the possibilities will be endless! There are many steps you must take before you can achieve this reality.“(CC: Stay tuned here:  We will be revealing what we need to DO to manifest and enjoy this new reality).

The Robot Revolution: “A Robot Revolution is already underway. The first wave of working robots that will emerge on your world will be clunky and buggy compared to the more advanced editions emerging later in the 2030’s. Robots will be quite controversial at start, but you will quickly adapt so that living with robot helpers will be familiar and comfortable no later than 2035. Of course, there will still be individuals who prefer to do their own cooking or cleaning or fixing, but in general, many of the less desirable chores and jobs that stress your bodies and minds will eventually be done by computers.

Medical Breakthroughs: “Our main prediction for your medical industry is a revolution of sincerity. Currently (2014) your medical industry is mostly interested in amassing wealth. This will begin to change around 2019. First there will likely be upgraded versions of medical treatments that already exist. It is also possible that some major diseases will be cured. The key to any health treatment, no matter the condition, is frequency control. When you learn to focus electromagnetic waves in specific, computer-guided directions so that they target ONLY the body parts being treated while leaving everything else untouched, you can work miracles. This type of medical technology can emerge as early as 2023, as we scan your timeline.”

These coming probabilities are being shared by our “star ancestors,” the Pleiadians, so that Together, we can Imagine a Golden Future for Ourselves and ASSIST with Co-Creating a more Humane and Prosperous World for ALL!

Look us up next month for MORE information and Prophecies of a coming “Golden Age.”  Be Well. Stay Safe. Stay Focused in Love, Peace, & Good Will Toward All.

 **If you haven’t been vaccinated as yet for Covid 19,  we suggest that you hold in your mind the ideas that whatever vaccine you receive will be the perfect one for you, very beneficial and congenial to your body; that your body will react positively to it;  that you will receive it at just the right time, in just the right way, administered by just the right person.** 


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