Sponsored Content: Councilmember Gil Cedillo Is A Safer Choice for Los Angeles City Council District 1

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I am Councilmember Gil Cedillo, and I am asking for your vote for the Los Angeles City Council, District 1.

I have a history of servant leadership whose priority is to keep your neighborhood clean, safe, and secure. I have an unmatched record in social and environmental justice, protecting immigrants, and standing up for the rights of women, working families, and members of the LGBTQ community.

Since I have been in office, my district has been #1 in building affordable housing, workforce housing, and market-rate housing. I know that building more housing helps keep home prices and rents down.

My office has had a model response to the pandemic, delivering 572,000 vaccinations, 160,000 free hot meals, and 1,150,000 million pounds of groceries to our vulnerable residents, including our seniors. These efforts to provide essential life-saving services are still ongoing today.

Under my leadership, Council District 1 is the only Los Angeles Council District to have seen a reduction in homelessness, thanks to our compassionate yet methodical approach. In contrast, all other districts have seen increases in homelessness.

Since my first day in office, my priorities have been to protect working families; whether you are a renter or a homeowner, undocumented, a veteran, uninsured, low-income, or a vulnerable senior, I have provided you with resources to improve the quality of your life. I will continue building homes for the homeless so they no longer have to live on our streets or parks. No one should have to live on the street.

During COVID, I championed Eviction and Rent Increase Moratoriums to protect residents. I helped save 27 small businesses during the height of the COVID pandemic by paying for their services to serve hot meals to seniors and other vulnerable residents.

I have championed Immigrant Rights by leading the effort to create the LA Justice Fund that provides resources to defend residents in immigration proceedings, advocated for a fair street vending ordinance, and helped limit ICE in our communities.

Constituent services are vital to me, and my staff is always ready to hear your concerns and find a way to address them.

In my next term, I will continue to create a more affordable, just, and dignified City for all residents. In the coming years, my vision for Los Angeles will deal with post-pandemic economic recovery issues. I will work hard so that residents and businesses receive the resources to get back on their feet, housing initiatives for a range of income groups through a balanced supply, and green initiatives to maintain clean public areas in our neighborhoods.

Please join US Senator Bernie Sanders, the Los Angeles County Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood, and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor in supporting me for Los Angeles City Council, District 1. I humbly ask for your vote on June 7, 2022. Together, I believe that we can achieve leadership dedicated to building a meaningful path forward for Los Angeles.

11 thoughts on “Sponsored Content: Councilmember Gil Cedillo Is A Safer Choice for Los Angeles City Council District 1

  1. Whoa! Did you know that Cedillo fraudulently acquired a check for $136k in public matching funds for his campaign, even though he has refused to debate his opponent as required by multiple city laws? What a piece of shit!

  2. Gil just displaced dozens of immigrant vendors and has the gall to say he supports them. He told the LA Times that he thinks gentrification is a myth! Cedillo is a sellout

    1. Whatever it cost, Cedillo had a right to buy an ad in any publication he wanted to, as does every candidate. If Eunisses could afford it, she’d buy one too. Also, The Boulevard Sentinel needs money to exist.

  3. Gil doesn’t care anymore (maybe never did). I am 100% voting for Eunisses in this election.

    1. Maybe you’d like to pay for an ad for your favorite candidate.

  4. Hundreds of homeless with tents and live-in vehicles flood into Chinatown, propped up in front of struggling businesses, after being removed from near Olvera St. Business, tourism and sanitation are dead in LA! Thanks councilman Cedillo!

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