Public Education:Deadline to Apply for Magnet Programs Is Near   

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From Oct. 1 to Nov. 9, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) will accept applications from parents who hope to secure a spot for their child in one of the system’s 292 public-school magnet programs for the coming academic year.

Magnet programs emphasize certain subject areas, such as visual arts, performing arts, math, science or business. When applying to a magnet program, students are not limited to an assigned geographic area.  

If you think a magnet program would be right for your child, the list at right shows some of the options offered in Northeast L.A. For a full list of L.A.’s magnet programs, visit:

For help assessing your options, you are can attend a “Choices Fair” put on by LAUSD. Fairs planned for October can be found at The general website,, also has valuable information. 

One tip: It’s never too early to start investigating your options. Getting your child into a magnet program is a complex process. It is not unusual for parents to start the process up to three years in advance of when they think they would want their child to enter a magnet program. 

Magnet programs in LAUSD have come a long way since they were established under a court order in the 1970s. The aim was to desegregate the schools by allowing parents to choose a school for their children outside their assigned areas. Integration is still a goal and race and ethnicity are still factors in the application process. At the same time, many parents who seek out magnet programs today are more interested in exposing their children to the specific disciplines that magnets offer.

Magnet School Options in NELA

90041 Eagle Rock

Grades 2-6  Eagle Rock Elementary (Gifted Magnet*)

Grades 3-6  Eagle Rock Elementary (Highly Gifted Magnet*)

Grades 1-6  Rockdale Elementary (Visual and Performing Arts)

Grades 7-12 Eagle Rock Jr./Sr.High (Gifted Magnet*)

90042  Highland Park/Mt. Washington

Grades K-6 San Pascual (Science,Technology,Engineering,Arts and Math)

Grades K-8 Arroyo Seco (Museum Science)

Grades 1-5 Monte Vista Elementary (Film/Communication)

Grades 1-5 Garvanza Elementary (Technology/Leadership)

Grades 6-8 Luther Burbank Middle School (Arts/Technology/Community)

Grades 6-8 Luther Burbank Middle School (Police Academy)

Grades 6-12 Franklin High School (Dual Language)

Grades 9-12 Franklin High School (Science/Technology/Math)

90065  Glassell Park /Cypress Park/Mt. Washington

Grades 2-5 Fletcher Drive El (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)

Grades K-6 Glassell Park El (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math)

Grades 6-8 Irving Middle School (Advanced Math/Music/Engineering)

Grades 6-8 Nightingale Middle School (Business/Entrepreneurship/Technology)

Grades 9-12 Sotomayor (Arts/Science)

*“Gifted” or “Highly gifted” indicates a magnet program for students who meet eligibility requirements showing high academic achievement.

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