Scene in hills behind the Glassell Park Rec Center

Pregnant Woman Robbed in Daylight at the Glassell Park Rec Center

2019 Crime Editions January
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An assailant used bodily force to rob a pregnant woman of her cell phone at the Glassell Park Recreation Center on Friday, Jan. 11 at 10:20 a.m.  Officers with the LAPD have arrested Marlon Bugtong Mata, a 29-year old transient, for the robbery.

This information was provided by Captain Arturo Sandoval, Commanding Officer of the Northeast Area and Detective Jean Franco, Robbery Coordinator in Northeast. 

People who were in the park described the incident in the Glassell Park Neighborhood Group on Facebook.  One person wrote that they heard the woman crying out after the attack and then came to her aid.  This person described the victim as a jogger.  

Captain Sandoval told the Boulevard Sentinel that the victim is in stable condition.  

According to inmate records, Mr. Mata faces felony robbery charges and is being held on $80,000 bail.

2 thoughts on “Pregnant Woman Robbed in Daylight at the Glassell Park Rec Center

  1. Feel sorry for the woman. But again another classic case of a person in the wrong place,wrong time. Why not check the surveillance cameras in the area before finger pointing this ” transient “.

    1. Are you kidding me…you are a hobo apologist and part of the problem

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