Teachers, students and others showed up in the rain in support of LAUSD teachers getting an acceptable contract | photo by Bill Hendrickson

Photo Album – L.A. Teacher Strike 2019, Day Four – Jan 17

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Teachers and their supporters were out in force again today, in the rain, again. In Eagle Rock that meant a noisy demonstration, not a celebration.  The teachers I spoke to said they would rather be in the classroom — with an acceptable contract — than on the picket line. They have been working without a contract since June 2017.

Negotiations resumed today between the teachers union and LAUSD. Attendance at school, where students can receive meals and supervision, is way down. On Day One of the strike, 157,000 students attended school, on Day Four, that number was down to 84,000, according to estimates by LAUSD.

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1 thought on “Photo Album – L.A. Teacher Strike 2019, Day Four – Jan 17

  1. The average LAUSD teacher makes over $50K for 9months work…an admistrator over $100K, nurses that only hand out condons, handing out Pornomagazines..school psychologists that work 2days a week and tell students that they should hate their parents. WE are prisoners of an anachronistic educational model where the teachers Union control School Board Elections which means no accountability none whatsoever. My daughter came home from school and she watched Men In Thighs for her History period and Chespirito for her Spanish Class. She watches 3-4 movies in a 6 day periods class. That’s more than 100 movies in one semester. NOW the final insult REelect Jackie Goldberg for the LAUSD board…OMG the woman that instituted the Whole Language methodology that sank reading, writing levels to the ground…they (UTLA) want her back??? NOOOO.. This mommy belongs in the museum of major Olympic disasters. As long as the UTLA rules LAUSD this city, county, state will never be allowed to MODERNIZE, innovate new educational models much more successful like in Florida, Wisconsin, Texas. etc. The dismal educational establishment in Los Angeles can be solved with one paragraph LAW…NO teachers UNION should be allowed to fund, appoint, finance, campaign, looby for ANY (none) of the School Board Candidates…directly or indirectly, overtly or covertly…that’s the only SOLUTION..

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