The new pool at Occidental College, shown here on June 22, is now expected to open in October.

New Pool at Oxy to Open in the Fall Despite Setbacks

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By Matthew Reagan

Rain delays in 2019 have pushed the completion of the stunning new pool at Occidental College to October, according to Jim Tranquada, the college’s director of communications and community relations.

In the meantime, Oxy still has to come up with a name for the pool and is trying to raise $1.5 million to cover an unexpected shortfall related to the pool.

Originally, the pool was to be named the Townsend Crosthwaite pool, after a prominent alumni couple who donated $1.5 million to the project. But in March, The Occidental, the Oxy campus newspaper, reported on a yearbook photo showing Jennifer Townsend Crosthwaite, ’84, posing in blackface with her friends and a photo of Barry Crosthwaite, ’80, and friends captioned “The Aryan Alliance.”

The revelations led to decisions by the couple and campus officials to rename the pool and redirect the $1.5 million donation toward scholarships.

But by diverting $1.5 million that had been earmarked for the pool, Oxy has created a $1.5 million dent in its coffers. Tranquada said that Oxy is now trying to identify and persuade donors to make up for the shortfall. He did not say how much of the $1.5 million has been raised so far.

When complete, the pool will be the centerpiece of the college’s De Mandel Aquatic Center. With eight competitive lanes and 15 practice lanes, a diving well with two diving boards and an attached recreational swimming area, it will greatly enhance the swimming, diving and water polo programs at Oxy.

In addition, local residents who buy a community pass to Oxy’s athletic facilities will have access to the new pool. For more information on community passes, visit: or call 323-259-2608.