New Car Washes Coming to Eagle Rock

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By Bill Hendrickson

Eagle Rock could soon have two new car washes a block apart from each other. 

A new car wash is planned on the site of the current Glen-Rock Car Wash at 2711 Colorado Boulevard. Glen-Rock is in escrow to be sold to Aaron Nourollah, the owner of Bellagio Car Wash, who plans to replace Glen-Rock’s full-service operation with an “express” version, in which drivers stay in their cars as they go through a wash-and-dry tunnel.

This rendering is for an express car wash at 2711 Colorado Boulevard (currently the Glen-Rock Car Wash).

Another new car wash is planned at 2803 W. Broadway, the site of the former Ernie Jr.’s restaurant one block west of Glen Rock/Bellagio.

The property was bought in May by a company run by two brothers, Tiko and Mike Pagosyan, who want to build a Wild West Express car wash on the site. That plan looked dead as recently as June, when City Councilmember José Huizar and the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council (ERNC) opposed it. Among their objections, Huizar and the ERNC cited a prohibition against new auto-related businesses in the Colorado Specific Plan, the commercial- development blueprint for Eagle Rock. In the face of the opposition, the Pagosyans put the property back on the market, asking $4.7 million ($1 million more than they paid in May).

This rendering is for an express car wash at 2803 W. Broadway (formerly Ernie Jr.’s restaurant).

But on August 20, at a meeting of the Land Use Committee of the ERNC, Steven Rodriguez, a spokesperson for the Pagosyans, said that the brothers were proceeding with their plan to build a car wash. Rodriguez said that the Ernie Jr.’s site is not within the bounds of the Colorado Specific Plan and that a car wash conforms to the underlying zoning rules for the property.
Rodriguez also said that the Pagosyans had communicated with Huizar about their rationale and plan for the car wash and that Huizar told them to run it by the ERNC.

The ERNC Land Use Committee listened to Rodriguez’s presentation, asked questions and said that it remains opposed to a car wash at the Ernie Jr.’s site.
Rodriguez said that the Pagosyans would present their car-wash plan at the next meeting of the full ERNC on Tuesday, September 3.

A spokesperson for Huizar has told the Boulevard Sentinel that the councilmember remains opposed to the project.



Bill Hendrickson, MBA, publisher of the Boulevard Sentinel, has extensive small business management, marketing and sales experience in corporate finance and real estate development and plays a not terrible game of golf.

Bill Hendrickson
Bill Hendrickson, MBA, publisher of the Boulevard Sentinel, has extensive small business management, marketing and sales experience in corporate finance and real estate development and plays a not terrible game of golf.

7 thoughts on “New Car Washes Coming to Eagle Rock

  1. We do not need any more car wash, autobody, oil change or related businesses in Eagle Rock! For crying out loud, aren’t there enough for the community already? Autowash in gas station at Fig and Colorado, Glen-Rock, one kinda across the street from Trader Joe’s and another on Fig and La Loma. Do something else with the property!

  2. As a resident of the area, I have already notified CD14 regarding our concerns about the carwash proposal at 2803 W Broadway. My children, as well as the children of the family up the street, enjoy our residential cul-de-sac and often play and ride their bicycles in the area. Therefore, we are greatly concerned about the proposal for the car wash. I have no concern regarding the business type located there, although personally I think it rather absurd to have two car washes located one block away from each other (the other being Glen Rock car wash to our east). My concern is that the proposed business does not want to utilize Broadway as the means of entry and exit for this facility. Rather, they wish to have cars enter at the north end of El Verano Avenue, a residential street, and exit at the south end of El Verano Avenue. If you are familiar with these types of car washes, this could mean cars queuing up for entry on El Verano, to enter the facility at the far north end of El Verano. They envision 30 to 40 vehicles entering this car wash. This may very well ENDANGER the children who play in this area, and hinder our everyday life here. This can mean inability to access our own driveways to get to and from home. This may HINDER our ability to exit the neighborhood in an emergency, of which we just had one (the “Colorado Fire”). The developer is also attempting to notify the neighborhood that the alternative would be homeless housing. I find this tactic to be totally unacceptable.

    1. Meant to say “30 to 40 vehicles per hour”.

    2. I agree, another carwash is such a horrible idea. So it won’t last. I empathize with the idea of losing the current peace and quiet since Ernie Juniors has closed down (5yrs)but it’s inevitable that another business is going to be established on this property so just enjoy it while you can don’t let it get you so stressed out. The developer is threatening homeless housing as a scare tactic bc he knows he’s losing the battle. I think they should just bulldoze the place and not build anything ever again there.

  3. These car washes make so much noise and wash 80 to 150 cars an hour. They are lying about washing only 30 to 40 cars per hour. They say that so they can get the traffic department to approve thinking there would be any issue or congestion. This a complete joke.

  4. I see that the developer was AGAIN pitching this car wash proposal at the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council Land Use and Planning Committee (LUPC) Meeting on 9/28/2021. From the proposals attached on the ERNC.LA website, there has been no change to the proposal for dual lanes of cars entering from the north end of El Verano Avenue. Being a noisy facility that would be right next to residential neighborhood is bad enough. As a resident of El Verano Ave, let it be known that if this proposal is resurrected, I will again rise in opposition to this at LA city planning, through CD14, and if needed seek legal recourse because this endangers the lives of everyone on this street. The idea of using this street as a business “driveway” is absolutely absurd.

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