Our Facebook Top Ten was led by Drum Major Adamari Betancourt (at center in white uniform) of Franklin High School in Highland Park who led the All-City Marching Band of the LA Unified School District in the Rose Parade this year. Betancourt was joined by six other All-City band members from Franklin shown with Franklin Band Director Veronica Gonzalez, at right. (Photo courtesy of Veronica Gonzalez.)

NELA Weighs In: The Top 10 Posts on the Boulevard Sentinel’s Facebook Page

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In the first three months of 2020, the top 10 posts on the Boulevard Sentinel’s Facebook page covered the gamut of events and issues. 


Drum major Adamari Betancourt of Franklin High School in Highland Park leads the LAUSD’s All-City Marching Band in the Rose Parade. (Jan.1)
A suspect is arrested on suspicion of murder in the shooting death of Joseph Lopez, 15, in Highland Park on January 6. (Jan. 16)
The early morning shopping scene at Sprout’s in Eagle Rock as residents prepare to shelter in place from the coronavirus. (Mar. 16)
Following a third shooting death in Highland Park in 2020, LAPD Capt. Arturo Sandoval talks about bolstered police presence in the area. (Feb. 12)
The eyesore Pillarhenge property in Eagle Rock is put up for sale for $3.2 million. (Jan. 20)
L.A. County public health officials confirm the first reported case in Eagle Rock of COVID-19.(Mar. 17)
Candidates for the Council District 14 seat on the L.A. City Council put on a spirited debate. (Jan 18)
Highland Park born and bred singer/songwriter Billie Eilish swept the Grammy’s, winning five top awards. (Jan. 27)
A homeless man accidentally shoots himself in the leg on a Saturday night in Eagle Rock. (Mar. 8)
Coronavirus testing in L.A. County follows the money, with 23 confirmed cases in Brentwood compared with two in East L.A. and one in Eagle Rock. (Mar. 22)

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