NELA gets Higher Speed Limits, More Speeding Tickets

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     Higher Speed Limits, More Speeding Tickets
     New speed limits went into effect on many streets in Los Angeles on Dec 11. Most of the new limits are increases, some are decreases.
     One reason for the changes is to ensure that posted speed limits conform with what up-to-date speed surveys say is the natural speed of traffic, as measured by the average speed of the majority of drivers when the street is uncrowded. Other factors that go into determining a street’s speed limit include its road collision history, roadside conditions, residential and business density, and pedestrian and bicyclist safety. Under the law, police can give out speeding tickets only on streets where posted speed limits are up-to-date.
     In NELA neighborhoods, there will be no change on most streets in this latest round of updating. One exception is on Ave. 28 between Cypress Ave. and Figueroa St. in Cypress Park where the speed limit is going up from 25 mph to 30 mph. Another exception is Avenue 60 between Hellman Ave. and Figueroa St on the way into Hermon, where the speed limit is going up from 30 mph. to 35 mph.
     The new speed limits will be coupled with increased LAPD enforcement efforts across L.A. according to the L.A. Department of Transportation.

– Mary Lynch

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