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Mónica García

Why are you running? I am running to raise expectations and to finally meet the challenges we face by listening to my constituents. We have too-timid leaders unwilling to ruffle feathers. We need to bring people together to find big, bold and innovative policy solutions.

Top two issues in CD 14: Reducing homelessness / Increasing moderate and low-income affordable housing.

How would you address those issues? Spread services for the homeless throughout the city – too much is concentrated in our CD 14 communities. We need to build more shelters and supportive housing throughout the city. For-profit developers have failed us. We need nonprofits and community-oriented developers to build housing that is not getting built now.

Metro BRT in Eagle Rock: Do you favor a route on Colorado Blvd. or the 134 Freeway – or are you undecided? I’m in favor of either option as long as resources are put in to increase access and ensure high ridership. The BRT has the potential
to decrease congestion on Colorado Boulevard – a huge concern for residents – and improve air quality, but only if the city prioritizes ridership and convenience.

Scholl Canyon: How would you gain leverage to assert Eagle Rock’s interest in what happens at Scholl Canyon?  Eagle Rock residents have been actively engaged in making their concerns known to the L.A. and Glendale city councils. Keeping momentum alive and increasing engagement in council meetings will help ensure that authorities are held accountable. Allying with residents from Scholl Canyon is another way for Eagle Rock to gain leverage.

Would you support Glendale’s proposal to build a biogas plant at Scholl Canyon? The safety of the residents, particularly regarding air quality and fire hazards, would be the priority when considering this project. Ultimately, if findings show that the biogas plant is harmful, I would absolutely support applying pressure to block it.

More info: I am not in a “camp” or representing some behind-the-scenes interests.  I have dedicated my career to public service. I have been LAUSD Board President a record 8 times, presiding over an annual budget of over $12 billion and taking on major reforms: We built schools, created jobs, improved graduation and college attendance rates. We will fight just as hard on major city issues. Also, we are not doing this to run for higher office.


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