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Metro will study two options for Colorado Boulevard

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By T.A. Hendrickson

Update: On May 27, the Metro Board approved the staff recommendation, described below, to study two design options for the Eagle Rock segment of the proposed North Hollywood-to-Pasadena bus rapid transit line. This story, originally posted on May 19, was also updated on May 26 to include more details of the proposals being considered by Metro. 

At a meeting on May 19 on the proposed North Hollywood-to-Pasadena bus rapid transit line, the Metro Board Planning and Programming committee unanimously approved a Metro staff recommendation to advance two potential design options for Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock to the project’s next planning stage.

The recommendation will now come before the full Metro Board on May 27. Assuming it’s approved by the full board, the two options for Colorado Boulevard will be evaluated in coming months as Metro prepares a Final Environmental Impact Report on the NoHo-Pas BRT. 

One of the design options would reduce much of Colorado Boulevard to one car lane each way, affecting traffic. The other would retain two car lanes each way, affecting curbside parking and/or the median, though in its report to the Board, Metro staff stated that refinements to the two-car-lane-each-way proposal could potentially reduce the loss of median space and/or parking.

Both options would establish dedicated bus lanes on the boulevard and maintain the boulevard’s buffered bike lanes. 

An earlier option by Metro that preserved the boulevard’s traffic lanes, parking and medians while creating dedicated bus lanes has apparently fallen out of the mix. That option met stiff opposition from bicycle advocates because it would have converted the boulevard’s bike lanes to a shared lane for use by bicycles and buses.

A route configuration that would run the BRT in regular traffic along Colorado Boulevard — thus preserving car lanes, bike lanes, parking and the medians — was also not broached in the Metro staff report to the Board

In voting to approve the recommendation to study two design options for Colorado Boulevard, the Metro Board members on the Planning and Programming committee said they were deferring to Eagle Rock’s City Councilmember Kevin de León, who recently called on Metro to present its one-car-lane-each-way proposal side-by-side with a two-car-lane-proposal so that the public could compare and contrast the two approaches before a final decision is made.

Metro Board Member Hilda Solis, who is the L.A county supervisor for Eagle Rock, said she was leaning toward the one-car-lane-each-way proposal, but was open to learning more. Metro Board Vice Chairman Ara Najarian, mayor of Glendale, expressed concern that evaluating two design options for Eagle Rock could delay the overall project and urged the Metro staff to be efficient in developing the side-by-side presentation and soliciting public feedback.

The vote to approve the recommendation in the Planning and Programming committee on May 17 came after more than an hour of public comment in which 29 of 44 callers voiced support for moving forward with the one-car-lane-each-way proposal and 13 voiced opposition to a lane reduction, according to the Sentinel’s tally. (The views of two callers were unclear.) Among supporters, several said that a lane reduction would foster public-transit ridership, biking and walking. Of those opposed, several called for studies to assess how a lane reduction would impact traffic congestion on the boulevard and spillover traffic into surrounding residential areas.

The Metro Board meeting on Thursday, May 27 will take place virtually, starting at 11 a.m. Instructions for participating and/or watching online are at:
To listen by phone: 888.251.2949, Extension: 8231160# (English) or 4544724# (Español)



T.A. Hendrickson, a native of Eagle Rock, is the editor of the Boulevard Sentinel and a former member of the Editorial Board of the New York Times.

T.A. Hendrickson
T.A. Hendrickson, a native of Eagle Rock, is the editor of the Boulevard Sentinel and a former member of the Editorial Board of the New York Times.

28 thoughts on “Metro will study two options for Colorado Boulevard

  1. Currently, making left turns into Colorado where there is no traffic signal is a slight hassle. When there is one lane each way, it will be difficult and sometimes dangerous.

  2. There should have been a community vote in place at the start of this. Of course people would like to bring up that 71.15% of Angelenos voted yes on Prop Measure M in hopes of curbing climate change and addressing the increasing equity issues. But honestly how many residents knew that it would involve much of Colorado Blvd. to be terraformed into a one lane road-diet arrangement?

  3. If this is an express bus solution, why isn’t the 134 freeway, the quickest way, under consideration? Why does a minority of bikers, in the hundreds at best, overrule the tens of thousands of motorists who use Colorado Blvd. and pay the road taxes. Taxation without representation. No parking, no trees, no downtown businesses. Eagle Rock becomes a transition road from Pasadena to Glendale and nothing more. METRO is ruling by fascism, and ignoring democracy.

    1. I, totally, agree! Since the bike lanes were put in, I can count on two hands how many bikers I’ve seen in those lanes. Being an Eagle Rock homeowner, I can tell you that the above comment that only 13 out of 44 voted against one lane on Colorado is NOT correct. This has NOT been a Democratic process from the beginning. Most people I speak with that either own homes in ER or own a business are against one lane on Colorado and, frankly, Metro coming in altogether. However, since they’re shoving this down our necks than one lane seems insane being that there are THREE entrances and exits to the 134 freeway either on Colorado or just east and west of it on Harvey Drive and Figueroa. Where is the study of traffic flow on Colorado? Where?

  4. Left turns have been ruled out by UPS and Fed/Ex. They have found that eliminating left turns saves time and money (fewer accidents). I’ve tried it and it works. Less stress is a side benefit. Also, it’s time to eliminate “right turn on red”. Most drivers barely slow down, much less stop before proceeding. Many pedestrians are killed or injured by drivers turning right without stopping or looking for pedestrians. “Beg” buttons to cross streets with traffic lights. It’s an insult to pedestrians, and says that cars are king and pedestrians are second class citizens. If the negative comments above are adhered to, we’ve lost to global warning. Our climate has already changed and we’re experiencing more severe storms, floods, fires etc. we must change our habits if we want humanity to survive.


  6. I don’t understand why they don’t drive the BRT bus along with mixed-flow traffic as it is now. Traffic moves at 30 mph all day and rush hour, there’s no time benefit in putting the bus in its own bus only lane. I can’t believe this “no-build” plan hasn’t been studied, which a amazing waste of money by the MTA. Also, the 4 other current bus lines will be forced into the single lane with cars so they can drop riders off on the right, as the BRT is in its own lane in the center, dropping riders to center median. None of this makes sense. I am so disheartened on how MTA and activists have made this terribly divisive around LA. The most sensible option is to drive the BRT on Colorado as is. There is a bike lane there now. I think they should paint a margin of space between the bike lane and mixed use lanes if the bike activists insist on better safety.

  7. TERA and Bob Gotham meet with Metro privately back in 2016. They willfully withheld that private conversation from Eagle Rock. They could have started public meetings about the bus starting in 2016 but they did not. TERA and Bob Gotham sold Eagle Rock out.

  8. It makes no sense. The traffic is already bad. It will get much worse with one lane in each direction. That is pure insanity.

    1. Metro proposes such a ridiculous idea with Proposal 1 of going one lane on Colorado Blvd., so we the people would be happy with Proposal 2 which will destroy the character of our neighborhood Eagle Rock, which we have built for over 100 years. The METRO battlefield win depicts the Eagle which rises from the ashes and is transformed into a two-lane each way kind of North Hollywood. “Betrayed Boulevard”

  9. What about emergency vehicles; fire, police, ambulance? Negotiating a one lane Colorado? Yes there are the other streets but I just see a quagmire rather than a smooth alternative.
    Everyone has different needs and priorities. Young parents: school/day care/grandpa’s drop off/babysitter drop offs while hoping to get to work on time. Older sons and daughters helping aging parents get to doctor, hospitals. Always hoping traffic doesn’t do you in. Everyone’s just trying to get to all of the places we need to be. Will street parking on Colorado remain as there are no parking garages for alternative parking? What if someone parallel parks or sees someone walking to their car to pull away and decides to wait? The traffic could be backed up for 10 minutes. The next thing you know there will be multi-story parking garages.
    I remember before the 134 when Colorado looked like the 10 at rush hour. And now go to one lane? The 134 helped but it is almost back to that slow cruising speed sometimes as it is. When a town makes that decision I see most people avoiding it because of the traffic. Visitors from adjacent communities would probably avoid Colorado if it went more pedestrian. So Colorado will need to be supported by community residents only. Hope it works. There are too many other places to visit, just as charming.
    Ultimately most homes or condos are still being built with parking/garages. I can’t see people not wanting cars anytime soon. Keep two lanes each way and build out the sidewalks if you must, eliminating the parking lane.

  10. Those of us who live here, and spend the most time here, know the traffic patterns are already inadequate ever since the dedicated bike lane took one of our 3 lanes of traffic. Almost every time I drive down Colorado a car making a left blocks, what if metro gets their way, the future only automobile lane. I would like to know why Metro seems to have a vested interest in this endless proposal to make eagle rock unlivable! Metro needs to perform a comprehensive demonstration study once California reopens and traffic is back to normal.

  11. Eagle Rock
    I drive this BLVD every day and i do not see any bikes on the buke lane. I agree with Mr. Rosenthal take the 134 route, why destroy our community with more traffic. It is bad as it is right now.

  12. I drove down Colorado at about 1:00 this afternoon and traffic was so heavy you had to wait for a signal to even get onto Colorado from a side street. Adding the bus lane would make it impossible. They took out a lane for the bike lanes which noone uses. They all say it’s too dangerous to use them, so they are all on Hill drive. lf you take out another traffic lane each direction the traffic will all be on Hill Drive. People do not even stop for the stop signs on Hill so it would be dangerous for the people walking their children, their dogs, or just walking. Besides which, if this bus line is supposed to get people to Pasadena, why do they need to go through Eagle Rock. There’s not much here to stop for and even if you want to there’s no parking because of the bike lanes.

    1. You are SO, SO right! Very few use the bike lanes and yet they want to keep them and remove another lane on Colorado. If they did a proper traffic study of the Boulevard I can’t imagine that they’d not see for themselves that it would cause enormous traffic congestion through our community. And, of course, traffic will be diverted onto Hill Drive where it is, already, a very good walkable area. When I hear people complain about the walkabiltiy of Colorado I just don’t understand why they feel it isn’t walkable. There are sidewalks and cross walks up and down Colorado.

  13. I am not a resident of LA County, but I have relatives that live in Glendale. As a visitor/tourist and former California resident, it astounds me that there is not more public transit. If LA County had the courage decades ago to invest in it’s public transit, I would’ve been able to take a HSR from Vegas to downtown LA as so many other rich countries have had for decades now.

    I understand MTA has to hold meetings and listen to the public. But honestly, most of these people are speaking with their own self interest in mind. When you deal with such childish behavior, you can’t indulge it.

    I would ask the MTA to be strong and do the original BRT plan where you had to remove 1 car lane in each direction. You are not forced to acquiesce to the selfishness of people who do not want any change.

    Do the right thing.

    1. Not a resident? C’mon bro, live with one lane with no other good alternatives then do the right thing. You have to live here to understand that the cars will not just disappear. They will show up on quaint residential streets with blow-thru stop signs for kids and grand parents to be more fearful of crossing the street. The BRT can go in mixed lanes and have the already dedicated bike lane. That’s way more green than having the surplus traffic stop at every stop sign on Hill and Yosemite drives. That’s facts.

  14. All of the things you are describing that you are afraid of happening in your residential street, is happening on your main corridor. You think people don’t want to be able to cross the street safely? People want to have peace and quiet EVERYWHERE.

    If you’re truly afraid of cut through traffic on residential neighborhoods, there’s also this thing called bollards which will prevent it. I suggest you consider that before doubling down on your anti transit rhetoric.

    And no, buses and bikes sharing a lane is bad idea. You need to promote safe bicycle infrastructure by building protected bike lanes.

    1. Colorado Blvd in Eagle Rock is a thoroughfare. It carries traffic from North East Los Angeles to the 134 Freeway going East to the 210 and West to the 5 Freeway. This is not 3rd Street Santa Monica. We are talking about 10,000 cars a day. Pasadena and Glendale cars do not use Colorado Blvd. as a thoroughfare. Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock is an artery in the traffic system.
      Where is the traffic study? Why are they hiding it? You must insist on seeing it before you determine what to support. This is not an emotional issue. Get the facts first. What do you do with 10,000 cars a day?

    2. Just because people are opposed to one lane on Colorado does not mean they’re opposed to rapid-transit or walkability. The reality is that Colorado Blvd is far, far, far too busy of a street to limit it to one lane. I know that there are people who want to believe that magically people are going to give up their cars in LA for some utopia where cars do not exist, but that’s a fantasy. Traffic WILL be diverted into quiet neighborhoods. I’m all for safe bicyclists, but they are few and far between in our dedicated bike lanes. Metro may be a good thing for outsiders on there way to Pasadena, but it will create a nightmare for us in Eagle Rock just merely trying to go to the grocery store, post office, kid’s schools, and getting to and fro at the three freeway entrances on either end of Colorado or smack dab in the middle, where there’s already a merger of one lane.

  15. @Steven Rosenthal

    A car lane can has a capacity of 1900 vehicles/hour. If you’re saying that there’s only 10k cars per day running through that corridor, you’ve already admitted that the street is over engineered with two lanes in each direction.

    Stop being selfish. Stop making excuses. Stop pretending you know what you’re talking about.

    You want unfettered access to your city center with your car and it’s causing major problems not only locally via pushing out actual reasonable transit solutions; but globally as it is cooking the planet.

  16. @Pamela

    If you think you will get cut through traffic through residential streets, you can block off streets to prevent that.

    All your talk is rhetoric. You do not want to give up even 1 minute of convenient travel by car to promote anything else. Your community already has the 134 right above Colorado BLVD. Why is that not enough for you? Why do you feel that you are entitled to fill up cars in EVERY SINGLE STREET?

    You really think metro is being used by outsiders? Are you daft? The majority of your riders are local people who cannot afford a car. I am just a transit wonk who lives in Vegas who happened to come upon this throng of boomers who conspire to kill transit projects on some local tabloid rag.

    What about all the people who walk to the grocery store and have to deal with 2 lanes in each direction of constant traffic. What do they deserve? Do you feel you are treating them with respect by reducing this transit project’s original design?

    I’ll say the same thing to you as I said to Rosenthal. Stop being selfish. Stop making excuses. Stop pretending you know what you’re talking about.

    1. You live in Vegas?! If so, you know NOTHING of what you’re talking about. You are not a stake holder in this small community of Eagle Rock. And, YES, the 134 runs right above us. We’ve been TRYING to get Metro to use it instead of Colorado Blvd which is the main highway in and out of Eagle Rock. I would LOVE if they’d just USE the 134! And, your comment of cutting off the streets where traffic will be diverted is nonsense. No one is going to cut off the traffic there. It’s too busy for all the people that live north and south of the Boulevard. I have no idea why you’re even on this thread when you don’t even live in LA, let alone the community of Eagle Rock!

  17. @Pamela

    I know about transit. I know that other cities around the world with lower densities have better transit than your city. I know that the 134 is parallel to the Colorado. What you are demanding of transit, to use the 134 highway corridor for riders, is just DUMB. That is not how you get people to ride a bus or a train as places near highways are incredibly hostile to walk to.

    So yeah. I know more about your town than you. So I’ll say this again. Stop being selfish. Stop making excuses. Stop pretending you know what you’re talking about.

    1. @Hazel….
      You know NOTHING about our community of Eagle Rock! NOTHING! You know NOTHING about Colorado Blvd in our town. NOTHING! I wouldn’t dream to tell you how your city should conduct their business because I DON’T live there! Go back to your little life in big ol’ HOT Las Vegas and spew about your utopia there. HA! Talk about a city with cars. There’s nothing but. You know NOTHING about Eagle Rock. Period!

  18. @Pamela

    Yes. Vegas is nothing but cars. The city planners in Vegas decided to take the idea of Los Angeles and put it on steroids. If you are so intelligent to acknowledge that much, why are you fighting the BRT lane as it was originally intended? Do you really feel that “one more lane” of traffic is going to change your LA suburb’s commute times?

    You’re already stuck in traffic wherever you go. FFS, give other people a chance to get around town without being gridlocked by all you who refuse to give up your car!

    Consider me as a sub for the poor person of color that doesn’t have the time or energy to happen upon this dumb website where all you boomers conspire to kill transit. I speak for them. You reveal your hypocrisy the more you talk.

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