February 2018

2018 February Letter from the Publisher

NELA seems to be looking to the future these days, with the launch of plans to revitalize the Los Angeles River and to refurbish Eagle Rock Blvd. rising to the top of our news coverage this month. In an era when public improvements, large and small, seem impossible to get off the ground, it is exciting to think that such projects could actually happen.

Meanwhile, there are more than enough daily concerns to keep all of us occupied. Bill Hendrickson brings you up to date this month on the proposal for a huge storage facility on the site of Ernie Jr’s in Eagle Rock. In a nutshell, Eagle Rockers want nothing to do with it, and were insulted, justifiably, when the storage company said it would reserve a tiny spot in the massive building for community use in exchange for zoning variances to build higher and bigger than anything Eagle Rock has ever seen.

Making matters worse, it turns out that the plans for a storage facility have been floating around since 2015, but the community was given a heads up only recently.

T.A. Hendrickson continued to cover the court appearances this month of the man and woman who were accused of armed robberies in NELA last November. Testimony by police officers about the robberies is scary. The accused are due back in court this month.

T.A. has also been following the fires in the area, which is also a pretty scary beat.

Mary Lynch reports on her follow up to a call to the Boulevard Sentinel in January from residents at the Art Snyder affordable apartments in Eagle Rock. They are concerned and baffled about how the complex is being run. The building manager basically says it has things well in hand, but this is not the first time the residents have reached out for help.

We introduce you this month to Angelina Sáenz, a truly remarkable individual, devoted to education, to poetry and to NELA. You can catch Angelina on Sunday, Feb. 25, when she debuts as the new host of La Palabra, an open mic poetry reading series at Avenue 50 Studio located in Highland Park.

And starting this month, Jeffery Marino is expanding our NELA Real Estate listings to include the neighborhoods of Cypress Park, Elysian Valley and Montecito Heights. One thing all the neighborhoods in NELA have in common is that property values are rising everywhere.

I hope you enjoy the issue. Enjoy the ads, too! And thanks for connecting with us on Facebook. Let us hear from you. ‘Til next month, peace out.