Letter from the Publisher

2019 April Editions Letter from the Publisher

This was a news-heavy month, especially regarding the schools in our area. Fingers crossed for Eagle Rock Elementary as it navigates a big and sudden budget cut, covered by Laura Brady-Allen on our front page. And kudos to the two runoff candidates for School Board. They’ve done their part to get this far. Now it’s up to all of us who can vote to get out and vote on May 14. (In the primary for School Board in March, only about 10% of eligible voters cast ballots. We have to do better than that.) The Boulevard Sentinel’s interviews with the candidates can help you make up your mind.
In other school news, Franklin High did really well at the state Academic Decathlon and schools in Eagle Rock just aced the Science Olympiad put on by L.A. County.
Another big news item this month has to do with the redevelopment of the L.A. River into a large riverside park. The entire project will take a long time and lots of money, but decisions are already being made. Thanks to Bill Hendrickson and K.D. Dunleavy, a new writer we are welcoming this month, for keeping us up to date.
There continues to be news on topics that have roiled NELA for decades, namely, Scholl Canyon and the Southwest Museum (home page). And there are developments on new topics, namely, electric scooters and safe parking for the homeless. There’s crime, sports , new businesses , local history and things to do all month long.
And before I forget: Saturday, April 13 is election day for neighborhood councils in Cypress Park, Eagle Rock, Highland Park and Lincoln Heights. This is as grassroots as it gets: An election in the community to choose people in the community who meet regularly, raise issues and weigh in on issues, including real estate development, environment, street fairs, public safety, public art, youth activities and so on. But it’s not just talk. Neighborhood councils organize to make neighborhoods better and give tens of thousands of dollars to worthy causes from their annual budgets. To vote, you need to be a stakeholder — someone who lives, works or owns real property in the area, or who has connections to the area, say, through school or church. (If you’re reading this, it’s a safe bet you are a stakeholder in NELA.) You can find your polling place at empowerla.org/elections.
Thanks for reading the Boulevard Sentinel. Patronize our advertisers. Until next month, all best.