Letter from the Publisher

2019 Editions July Letter from the Publisher

The Boulevard Sentinel team has put out another great paper this month.

For starters, it’s safe to say you will not find a better piece of local journalism anywhere than our cover story this month on the homeless encampments in Eagle Rock. Our contributor, Joel Sappell, spent a month working on the story, visiting the encampments, talking to the people who live there and the people who are trying to help. He has facts and figures, but most of all, he has stories and images that bring it all to life. One test of great journalism is if it changes the way you think. After reading Joel’s story, I, for one, will not look at the encampments the same way again.

We also continue our reporting this month on the Metro plan to put dedicated bus rapid transit (BRT) lanes on Colorado Boulevard. Our story last month about the plan rocked the neighborhood, contributing to the strong turnout at a crowded and boisterous public meeting in June with a rep from Metro. No one seemed to be against BRT. It’s all about the route. Most of the people at the meeting were against the idea of lanes on Colorado and a relative handful were in favor.

There are additional meetings on the BRT in July where everyone can learn more and speak their minds. My sense is there’s no telling right now how all this turns out.

The features and updates in the paper this month are as strong as the news coverage. Do not miss “With Applause and Gratitude for Dorothy Brewer,” by Barbara Jimenez on page 11. It will reinforce (or restore) your belief in family and community. By the way, this is Barbara’s debut in the Boulevard Sentinel. When she called us to tell us about Dorothy Brewer, she told the story with such love and in such detail that all we could say is: “Sounds great. Can you write me 500 words on it?”

Another don’t miss is the update by Mary Lynch about the mural restoration on the wall near the Southwest Museum. It has taken years to get to the point where work is actually beginning on the mural. Mary reports that it has all kicked off with a big, amazing surprise, which you can read about on page 6.

All this, and our regular features, too, from columnists Christopher Nyerges and Lani Tunzi, sports writer and photographer, Dave Abbott and real estate reporter Jeffery Marino.

One last thing: Check out the ‘Kudos’ in Editor’s Notebook (page 16) for more reasons to be proud of this area we call home.

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