Letter from the Publisher

2019 August Editions Letter from the Publisher

A while back, I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be a mellow summer. And that was before the earthquakes in early July.

Homelessness continues to be a dominant topic in NELA. In our front page story, Matthew Reagan and Mary Lynch circled back to find out how efforts to help have been working out. At this point, there are more ideas than progress, but obviously, the problem needs to be attacked from every possible angle. So, if something doesn’t work as well as hoped at first, we have to keep trying.

Next to homelessness, Metro’s plan for bus rapid transit on Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock is still front and center in local news – and likely will be for some time to come. Bill Hendrickson’s cover story brings you up to date, including the what, when, where of the next meeting on the topic: Wednesday, August 7, at the Samuelson Pavilion at Occidental College, 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

T.A. Hendrickson provided the editor’s guiding hand on both of those stories. But at the same time, she couldn’t let the great news about Ana Serrano go by without a big shout out from the Boulevard Sentinel on the front page. It’s not every day that an artist who has drawn much of her inspiration from L.A. eastside neighborhoods – and who is represented by a local gallery (Bermudez Project/Cypress Park) – sees her work acquired by the L.A. County of Museum of Art. I-just-love-stories-like-this.

There’s a kinda whimsical look at NELA in our “Picks” column this month (page 8). The business openings we cover on a monthly basis turned up an interesting mix this month (page 7). Our real estate listings indicate a ton of activity. It looks to me like it might be the most sales in a month we have ever reported. And our Editor’s Notebook (page 15) turned up lots of ways to have family fun in August.

So enjoy the rest of the summer. And while you’re at it, shop our advertisers, use their services, attend their events. And thank you for reading the Boulevard Sentinel.

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