Letter from the Publisher

2019 Editions June Letter from the Publisher

I am so proud of this issue of the Boulevard Sentinel. Bill Hendrickson’s reporting on the impending eviction of two senior citizens in Eagle Rock is advocacy journalism at its best. The achievement of local high school graduates in the Class of 2019 is something the entire community can feel good about. The front page story by K.D. Dunleavy on Metro’s plan for an express bus – excuse me, a “premium” bus – down Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock made me think: ‘Speak up now, NELA, or forever hold your peace.’

Our Updates section this month will keep you particularly well-informed. Remember Rock the Boulevard? It was a big deal in 2018, a vibrant plan to transform Eagle Rock Boulevard. But it’s dead – for now (page 4). A final chapter has been written in another story that has been kicking around for a long time – about money that went missing from a scholarship fund (page 5). The tireless Laura Brady-Allen keeps you updated on crime in NELA on page 6.

And on page 7, we welcome two new writers for the summer, Eliot Brody and Matthew Reagan. Brody and Reagan, students at Occidental College, are both writers for The Occidental, Oxy’s terrific student newspaper. Welcome to the Boulevard Sentinel and thank you!

In every issue, we try to help you keep on top of ways to have fun and get involved. This issue will not disappoint. In addition to our listings in the Editor’s Notebook (page 12), we have a special “Picks” column on page 9, about ways to work for social change in NELA. Lord knows there are problems out there that need solving. The Picks column is about how to make a difference.

Our regular columnists –Lani Tunzi and Christopher Nyerges– give you plenty to think about this month (page 11) including – I can’t believe this – that Lani will be a senior in high school next year. When she started writing for the Boulevard Sentinel, she had just started high school. Enjoy her columns while you can. I know that Lani will prosper and soar in life and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if her talents take her far and wide after she graduates.

Speaking of Lani: Her dad, Jack Tunzi, has been my friend since grammar school. To Jack and all the dads, Happy Father’s Day. Christopher Nyerges will participate with other members of WTI, a local nonprofit community service organization, in the group’s Father’s Day commemoration in Highland Park on Sunday, June 16. The day will feature healthful homemade food, a movie, a plant sale and a tour of the forest-like grounds. The gathering starts at 10 a.m. Suggested donation, $17. Call 323-255-4028 to reserve a spot.

Be well. Here’s to a great summer!

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  1. Excellent article on the BRT. Clear, focused and simple. Now is indeed the time to make known our concerns and we all much appreciate your urging this forward.

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