Letter from the Publisher

2019 Editions Letter from the Publisher May

I’m ready for summer to get here, but sometimes I’m not sure there’s much of a break in store.

One of our front page stories this month, on local preparations for the 2020 census, shows how big national events impact us in our own neighborhoods.
Filling out the census form once every 10 years should be a no-big-deal, civic duty, like serving on a jury – not exactly anyone’s favorite thing, but something you generally feel good about doing once it’s done. But with the Supreme Court getting ready to decide if it’s okay for the Trump administration to add a question on citizenship, it may be much harder to get everyone to stand up and be counted. T.A. Hendrickson looked at what local groups can do to make sure that everyone is counted.
Bill Hendrickson stuck closer to home in his reporting this month. He checked in on several of the local property developments we have reported on in the past year or so (front page). Many of them seem stuck, including investments in housing and in the Veterans Memorial Square in Highland Park.
But one investment is paying off: The dog park at Eagle Rock Recreation Center is set to open on May 11. (See page 4 for more info.) I think I first wrote about the dog park in 2015 or 2016, and the project had been kicking around for a couple of years before that. Anyway, it’s finally happening, and that’s what’s most important.
I would also like to call your attention to reporting by our newest reporters, K.D. Dunleavy (page 7) and Taylor Boomsma (front page). And as per usual, Laura Brady-Allen, our crime reporter, is keeping the community updated on crime in the area (page 5).
And lest I forget, there’s also fun to be had in our neighborhoods. The Lummis Days Festival, the three-day fun fest that kicks off summer in NELA, is from May 31 to June 2, but some events start earlier this year (see page 9 and page 12 for Lummis Days listings.) High school sports (page 15) have been awesome and the playoffs haven’t even started yet. One of my personal favorite fun-things-for-the-family – the open houses at L.A.’s firehouses – is on May 11 (see page 12).
Before I sign off, one last reminder: There are two elections coming up. One of the elections is on May 14 to select the School Board member for NELA. Another election, on June 4, (page 7), includes a tax proposal, Measure EE, that could help pay for some of the reforms that teachers went on strike for earlier this year. Please vote!
And thank you for reading the Boulevard Sentinel.