Letter from the Publisher

2019 Editions January Letter from the Publisher

     Happy New Year! I wish you all the best, at this time of year and always.
     As for me, I need to exhale. When we were putting this issue together, we put together the recap you will see on page 12. It shows the 12 covers of the Boulevard Sentinel for 2018. When I looked at it, I was reminded of all the issues, all the personalities, all the events, all the funny moments and the not-so-funny ones that we have had while putting out the paper this year. Our recap says, “A Local Paper Makes an Area a Better Place to Live and Do Business.” I sincerely hope you agree.
     Our front page this month is the usual mix of uplifting and sobering. Alfred Bobadilla, a great athlete at Franklin High, has received a well-deserved honor from the CIF Los Angeles City Section. Way to go, Alfred! I am grateful to Dave Abbott, our sports reporter, for bringing us the news. There’s more sports news on page 17.
     The front page also has the latest on Veterans Memorial Square in Highland Park. City money has finally come through to repair the monument. But veterans and other residents are rightly concerned that pervasive homelessness in the Square will continue, making it an inhospitable place for visitors.
     And then there’s T.A. Hendrickson’s report on the risk of wildfire in NELA. When T.A. read about the risks in a recent story in the L.A. Times, she did what T.A. so often does: She went and looked at the background material. And she found how the data related to NELA.
     A shout out is also due to Laura Brady-Allen, who joined our team a few months ago and has outdone herself, covering both the impending teacher strike and crime in NELA. Both are difficult beats, but Laura loves a challenge, and her reporting reflects that. She has brought to the Sentinel a growing roster of great sources and real insight.
     As is so often the case, my favorite feature this month is “Get to Know.” This month, Jan Lin, a professor at Occidental, joins our lineup of all around great people to know in NELA. Lin has a new book, and it’s all about NELA.
     There is more news than we can fit. But you will find lots that you need to know. In addition to the updates on the impending teacher strike and crime, there are updates on the travails of José Huizar, the opening of the Obama Highway in NELA, and new legislation introduced in Sacramento to keep bars open until 4 a.m. That’s an issue that just won’t go away!
     And neither will we. Here’s to 2019!

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